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3 Simple Ways To Be More "Mindful" NOW: Winefulness 101 Key Takesways

3 Simple Ways To Be More "Mindful" NOW: Winefulness 101 Key Takesways

by Kiki Athanas

June 12, 2018


3 Simple Ways To Be More "Mindful" NOW: Winefulness 101 Key Takesways

by Kiki Athanas

June 12, 2018

3 Simple Ways To Be More "Mindful" NOW: Winefulness 101 Key Takesways

If you're like most people, you've begun to recognize how positive and transformational "mindfulness" can be - whether it's from witnessing it change the lives of others, or your own experiences being more "mindful".

It's not always easy, it's never consistent, but it is necessary. At least that's my opinion.

Don't let that scare you off, though - you can be mindful without a time-suck on your day, nor do you have to sit and "meditate" for long periods of time (or at all - seriously!).

Last night I had the pleasure of attending House of Marpa's WINEFULNESS 101 Workshop at The Spoke Club, and I'd like to share the 3 main takeaways that I noted for myself - and to share with others who want to incorporate the benefits of mindfulness into their REAL everyday lives.

1. Find What Works and Do Only That.

There are SO many different mindful exercises - it's definitely worth playing around with a few before you can even begin to choose what works for you! 

Don't like sitting in silence and doing it "on your own", so to speak? No problem - there's an app for that!

I love Calm as it offers a variety of short but effective guided meditations for everything from managing stress to finding gratitude and one of my personal favourites is the Breaking Habits Series (because I think we can all create healthier habits in our day-to-day lives!).

The ladies at House of Marpa, Janelle and Lizelle, also shared some of their favourite 'go-to's' you might want to try:

2. Recognize and Accept - Don't Forcefully Change.

Mindfulness isn't about being positive or happy all of the time - it's simply about becoming AWARE of how you truly feel. From there, you are empowered to make a conscious decision as to if you need or want to change - or not.

Lean into the feelings with no judgement. 

Feeling like you have "butterflies in your stomach"? Lean into it. What are these feelings? Why are they happening? 

Maybe it's anxiety. You're feeling anxious.

It's not your identity - it's a feeling your experiencing in this particular moment, and it can and will change.

3. Be More 'Mindful' In Everyday Practices.

This is my favourite part. Drinking wine and being mindful? Yup - it's a thing.

See, you don't even need to "meditate" to be mindful. You can be mindful while washing the dishes!

Incorporating mindfulness into your life is as simple as tuning into your breath, your body, and reminding yourself to be...well, with yourself.

A huge thanks to Lizelle & Janelle from House of Marpa for so beautifully and authentically sharing your journey towards mindfulness and inspiring us all to BE a little more mindful!


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