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Classy Cannabis: What You Need to Know About This Trendy New 'Wellness Drug'

Classy Cannabis: What You Need to Know About This Trendy New 'Wellness Drug'

by Kiki Athanas

May 21, 2018


Classy Cannabis: What You Need to Know About This Trendy New 'Wellness Drug'

by Kiki Athanas

May 21, 2018

Classy Cannabis: What You Need to Know About This Trendy New 'Wellness Drug'

Cannabis vs. CBD vs. medical marijuana vs. regular old "weed" - are you confused?

I was. 

I'll even admit - I still painted 'cannabis' as something associated with - as David so perfectly puts it: "bright green pot leaves and hippies in dreadlocks".

Not my scene.

Progressive use of herbs to cure ailments and generally improve the quality of our lives overall, though, I can get behind!

I first discovered Kindred Cannabis when I interviewed Michael Garbuz at CannaRoyalty, and I was impressed with just how...well...INSPIRINGLY CLASSY they made cannabis seem!

Maybe it's not just for "stoners"?

David Sodemann, the Marketing Manager at Kindred Cannabis shares the real scoop on how the face of Cannabis is changing - and why you should care, when we connected for the insightful Q&A that follows...

"Cannabis has long been viewed as a “stoner drug” and has been villainized and stigmatized for a long time. Unfortunately we found far too many cannabis brands catering to this image through bright green pot leaves and hippies in dreadlocks. Though we understood this has and always will be part of the culture, we knew there was an opportunity to elevate it. We saw many people who were using cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle, as both a medicine and a way to increase their mood and happiness. We wanted to create a brand that represented cannabis in this positive way. Kindred was born naturally out of these discoveries."

There’s lots of talk about CBD these days - can you explain what it is, what it’s good for, and what Kindred Cannabis has to offer for this particular subset of cannabis products?

David Sodemann: "CBD/cannabidiol is one of many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, available in both the cannabis and hemp plant. It has been found to have a variety of medicinal benefits, but doesn’t make people feel “high” like the cannabinoid THC. CBD is full of “anti properties”: anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, and antiemetic."

So what does that mean? CBD is great for managing pain, anxiety, nausea and even some forms of epilepsy. It’s truly a great relief. The best analogy I heard of using CBD is equivalent to getting out of a hot tub. That’s the type of feeling people are experiencing with CBD.

Kindred realized the power of CBD and built an entire product line solely around CBD products. We aptly called the line Kindred RELIEF and it includes capsules, dissolvable breath strips, topical oils and even flower. Yes, you can smoke a CBD joint without getting “high”. It’s actually my favorite product."

Obviously there’s lots of stigma around “cannabis” - why might we want to rethink that culture?

DS: "Cannabis use isn’t just about getting high, eating a bunch of snacks and watching reruns on your couch. For those in the cannabis industry, that image is long-gone because we witness people using cannabis for completely different reasons. Many cannabis users are phenomenal athletes, produce incredibly creative art and music, and run highly successful business. The general public would be surprised at how much it influences the movers and shakers of the world. Continuing to believe in the stigma will only prevent others (and perhaps yourself) from benefitting in the future."

For people unfamiliar with cannabis - and interested in health and wellness - what should we know?

DS: "Our bodies contain a biological system crucial to our well-being called the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for homeostasis, or our body’s ability to regulate vital conditions such as stress, mood, inflammation and even body temperature. By consuming cannabis, cannabinoids naturally interact with this system and helps keep it functioning properly. It’s the reason cannabis therapies have helped so many people without the nasty side effects found in other substances like alcohol and opiates. It’s nature interacting with nature, and it can contribute to sustained health when used properly."

With all the hype around medicinal marijuana and the surge in popularity amongst talk of all its benefits - how can we decipher between quality products and companies vs. those just riding the trend wave? 

DS:  "This is a giant issue in the U.S. cannabis industry, mainly because of the Schedule I classification. The federal government classifies cannabis as having “no currently acceptable medical use”, and therefore regulations are at a minimum. This allows companies to basically sell anything they want even if it was produced with synthetic or other harmful chemicals.

So how do you know what to buy? Do your research. Ask for test results. Read reviews. Choose to order from farms in the U.S. or Canada. Upon receiving, test products at a third party lab to be 100% sure it is what you expect. It’s important not to put anything into your body without knowing what it is or where it came from."

For the beginner to this cannabis health revolution - where should we start, and how?

DS:  "I would recommend starting with CBD. There is no psychoactivity, the effects are extremely mild and the results are fantastic. I love CBD for sleep. As far as method of consumption, there are high quality tinctures on the market that are great for those ready to try cannabis. If you live in a legal country or state, purchase CBD from reputable dispensaries. If not, CBD derived from hemp can be purchased online in most states (but do your research!) I’ve personally had great results from a brand called Populum."

What’s the one thing you wish all people would understand about cannabis, and the biggest myth we all need to get over?

DS: "It doesn’t have to be smoked! There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis: tinctures, capsules, topicals, lotions, drinks, food, and even suppositories (great for menstrual relief, so I hear :))

The biggest myth we need to get over is that cannabis is a “gateway drug”. The vast majority of people who use cannabis do not go on to use illicit drugs. In fact, new evidence suggests that cannabis is more of an “exit drug”, helping people to reduce or eliminate their use of more harmful drugs such as opiates or alcohol by reducing withdrawal symptoms. I’ve witnessed many patients eliminate their use of painkillers through cannabis alone."


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