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Crystal Healing meets Acupressure.

Crystal Healing meets Acupressure.

by Kiki Athanas

July 23, 2018


Crystal Healing meets Acupressure.

by Kiki Athanas

July 23, 2018

Crystal Healing meets Acupressure.

Both acupressure and crystals healing powers promote a natural, holistic and harmonic way of unblocking and moving Chi energy around the body.

So what if you could combine these 2 superpowers to supercharge your entire body - inclusive of both physical and subtle energies?

You guessed it: someone figured it out, and I got the story on the who, the why, and the how.

Meet Vince Edwards, the Founder of Hema-ties - he's someone who cares deeply about the wellbeing of others and the environment, and seeks pleasure and fulfillment from the simple things in life. 

"I am also an adventurous, fun and passionate truth seeker, who loves to create and inspire."

I came across the acupressure + crystal technology that is Hema-Ties on Instagram a few months back...and was immediately intrigued and today a daily user and ultimate fan.

These powerful headbands (as well as the Hema-Tie Noodle) are an incredibly simple and effective way to rapidly improve your physical and mental state of well-being naturally. No pills, no needles, no spikes, no annoying batteries, just soothing acupressure applied with Hematite spheres and adjustable beads, to multiple key pressure points and meridians found on your head.

So I just had to ask...what did Vince get into first: acupressure or crystals? How are their healing powers similar and how are they different?

"I first became interested in crystals almost by chance, when a friend of mine gave me a broken piece of purple and green fluorite and was fascinated by it beautiful colours and patterns, and began collecting a few simply for their looks.  One day however I was blown away by the energy I felt through holding two pieces of Calcite while in deep meditation. This event changed my whole perception of crystals and I became very interested in their abilities.

Acupressure came shortly after.  I was given an excellent book on the subject by Michael Reed Gach Ph.D.

Acupressure relies solely on physically applying pressure, which gives instant soothing effects. While a crystalline structure has the ability to collect, store and emit electromagnetic energy, thus communicating and effecting our bodies and energy field just by their presence."

For someone unfamiliar with acupressure, what are the top 3 things to know?

"The first thing to know is it is a drug free, non-invasive, natural treatment similar to acupuncture but without the needles. Gentle pressure is applied to your body usually using hands and fingers.

Secondly, anyone can do it! Young and old, and is a great way to promote self-awareness of mind and body. You don’t have to be an expert, you can experiment intuitively and get to know what feels right for you.  

Thirdly, can be done almost anywhere, whenever you need it, e.g. while at home, at work or traveling."

How do crystals amplify the healing benefits of acupressure?

"Crystals are already know as powerful tools for holistic healing by emitting their natural energies.  They have a huge following worldwide, with people using them for a whole spectrum of different reasons. By combining crystals to apply the pressure, for me makes perfect sense. Some people even use quartz crystal tipped acupuncture needles."

While wearing the headband makes me feel like the ultimate crystal self-healing goddess, I also like to use the noodle for when I'm about and about - Vince actually refers to it as the ultimate sidekick and suggests carrying it as a fidget toy or stress reliever where ever you go!

"Personally, I enjoy resting the hematite sphere in the palm of my hand and use it to apply acupressure to the many pressure points on my head.  It’s great for relieving all kinds of muscle tension and cranial acu-massage.

Great for you or a partner to use to explore all of the pressure points and meridians all over your body."

Why did Vince choose Hematite of all the crystals?

"Hematite chose me! After lengthy sessions of meditating with lots of different crystals I found that Hematite made me feel instantly relaxed and grounded, and gave me exceptional clarity of thought, while I found some other crystals over stimulating."

What are some other of Vince's favourite wellness regimes?

"I have experimented with all kinds of natural wellness regimes over the past few years. At the moment I receive great benefits from eating a predominantly organic, whole food, plant based diet, with plenty of natural spring water with a low TDS and distilled water.  I go for daily walks in the forest with my family and dog.

I also really enjoy listening to Isochronic tones while meditating.

In the coming weeks I also intend on performing a liver and gallbladder flush to take my detoxing to the next level."

If you're looking to level-up your crystal healing adventure, I highly recommend checking out Hema-ties!

P.S. and if you're interested in drinking crystal-infused MAGIC WATER (or anything else you fill it with) - get the VitaJuwel!!!


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