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From Travels to Photography to Branding - Always with Cannabis. Always From a Wellness Perspective.

From Travels to Photography to Branding - Always with Cannabis. Always From a Wellness Perspective.

by Kiki Athanas

October 22, 2018


From Travels to Photography to Branding - Always with Cannabis. Always From a Wellness Perspective.

by Kiki Athanas

October 22, 2018

From Travels to Photography to Branding - Always with Cannabis. Always From a Wellness Perspective.

"I really only have a wellness relationship to cannabis...This plant is so misunderstood." 

- Aubrey Lu Nova

If you’re looking for an incredibly thought-provoking source of inspiration for figuring out how to just do whatever the heck it is you love, and DO IT. There’s someone special I’d like to introduce you to…

Aubrey Lu Nova is a versatile boss babe in SO many ways - but the main reason she caught my attention was her incredibly beautiful content in the cannabis space - a space that certainly deserves a little more beauty.

The following is an excerpt from our interview, where she didn’t hold back in expressing the truths around consumerism, cannabis, and the joy in letting go (of allllll the things)…

Aubrey Lu Nova: My professional background is in holistic health and nutrition coaching, makeup artistry, styling, and freelance modelling. It wasn’t until about three years ago after a solo trip to Europe that it became clear to me I needed a change.

I came back from that trip with a new perspective, and that was this - I only had this one life to explore its depths, what else did I want to do with my life?

From that moment I decided to dream big, think big, and essentially try my best at making my wildest dreams come true, because why not? It really hit me on my flight home that I needed to address my current career situation to see if it was still serving me. My partner and I have always known we wanted an adventurous life full of travel but the way things were going it just wasn’t going to happen with our crazy schedules at that time.

When I got back from my trip I started putting some plans in motion, I essentially stopped letting myself spew out excuses by habit. My “one day I will” ‘s turned into “you only have this one moment in time, do it now”. I started painting and writing again and I ended up falling in love with photography and it turned into this huge self-taught endeavour. Within 1 year of buying my camera I started working professionally on commercial campaigns. I am clearly skipping a lot of the real life stuff that happens while starting new endeavours and creating a new remote business but let’s just say a great support system along with cannabis and yoga can do wonders! It has been a wild ride and I am so thankful for it.

I am saying all of this because I introduced cannabis and a daily yoga practice into my life before I took that solo trip that ended up leading to my “aha!” moment.

Using cannabis as a tool has played a part in my growth with its abilities to lift the veil from our eyes allowing us to see the world more in a childlike way, which is innately balanced and pure.

What are you bringing to the newly emerging world of cannabis as it evolves today?

Aubrey Lu Nova: We (my partner and I) are excited to be bringing our expertise in this industry providing professional photography for brands in the cannabis space.  We have enjoyed collaborating with some local grows and even brands across the globe. It’s a visual world out there and content goes fast on social media. If you’re not staying ahead of the game by having a fresh pool of new content on hand to post consistently you’re going to slack in the social media game.

We offer a solution to this by offering customized monthly photography content packages depending on our client’s needs. We offer an all-inclusive remote creative studio where we provide the full production for brand campaigns - product & lifestyle photography, videography, creative direction if desired, styling, and lifestyle models.

Serving this community has been so rewarding and I’ve been having a lot of fun planning and creating my own expressive content for Wyld Child’s instagram as an artistic expression which is both fun and also spreads awareness on certain topics we believe needs to be talked about.

Cannabis Content  - @wyldchildstudios

Brand Photography - @gypseecreative

Personal/Travel - @aubreylunova

What’s the one truth about cannabis & wellness we all need to learn (or rethink!)?

I really only have a wellness relationship to cannabis.

I started using Cannabis at the same time I started practicing yoga as a spiritual journey. So in my experience it has only been an enlightening experience.

This plant is so misunderstood.

Learning what form and dosage works best for you is key to using it for wellness. There’s no one-size-fits all cannabis experience. What is good for one may not work for another.

You are also a minimalist lifestyle advocate - can you talk about how these values weave into the world of cannabis?

Oh my, yes! I love this question. A part of that “veil” I mentioned earlier that I felt like was lifted from my eyes thanks in part to cannabis was becoming aware to our inclination as a species to overly consume.

We buy thing after thing to fill voids.

It can get really excessive in the world and I just strive to be conscious with what I consume, that doesn’t stop at stuff. That also applies to the media, food, and just about everything else I consume.

To me, minimalism isn’t deprivation. It’s freedom.

Minimalism looks different for everyone, I’m sure. In our family we still admire innovation and practical luxury packaged in good design, so we believe in consuming the best (within reason) of what we really want or need and less of the things that don’t really serve us.

If you appreciate minimalism then you will appreciate this: We are headed out on our next long-term traveling journey as a family in Summer 2019 and we will only have one backpack each! Challenge accepted.

How can we use cannabis to practice self-love?

I use both CBD & THC at the moment. There will be long periods of time while traveling where we don’t have access to it and that’s okay for me since I don’t use THC for pain like some do. CBD and Yoga/Pilates help me a lot for my physical health, and I use THC and my highs as a tool to understand the world and therefore myself better, and in order to gain clarity on my internal state. It essentially helps me be real with myself and address any changes I need to implement in order to be my best lead with my highest-self.

High quality CBD oil is one of those things that will never stray far from me for very long, you’re sure to find some on my desk and in my medicine cabinet. My whole family takes it!


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