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Future-Food Bites Recipe

Future-Food Bites Recipe

by Kiki Athanas

June 10, 2019


Future-Food Bites Recipe

by Kiki Athanas

June 10, 2019

Future-Food Bites Recipe

If you’ve tried spirulina before, you probably already know if you love it or hate - but I’m going to plead the case for you learning to absolute love it...and follow it up with a recipe that should help.

I recently interviewed the co-founder of Avazera to get their scoop on how to choose superfood ingredients “mindfully”. Not just for yourself, but for the sake of the entire planet! I mean, have you ever really considered the impact of indulging in “superfoods” from a gazillion miles away?! Is your bougie healthy foodie diet actually reeking planet on the earth?! Hm, it seems very off-brand.

Well, folks - I have GOOD news…

“You can enjoy superfoods that are handled with care and ethical sourcing. Superfoods that come from geographic locations (despite their distance) can emit lower emissions then locally sourced produce depending on how they were produced- we mention more about this later on in the blog!

Be on the lookout for organic products that support sustainable means of development to help minimize their carbon footprint.”

- Avazera

Wanna know a great food to opt for if you’re into being UBER healthy and UBER eco-conscious - all at the same time!? Meet your blue-green algae friend: SPIRULINA!

Did you know:

  • NASA Approved: Spirulina was given to astronauts as a rich supplement for their space flight food.
  • The UN World Health Organization called spirulina "the best food of the future.”

Yuppers, these are greens do that GOOD.

So wanna do good for your belly + taste buds too? Of course you do, and hence...without further ado - a spirulina energy bite treat that works great as an on-the-go snack (even if you’re not in space #TrueStory), dessert, breakfast, or my personal fave: dessert-for-breakfast. Go on, your worth it.

Spirulina Energy Bites; Low-Fat, Vegan, Gluten-Free.


2 cups GF sprouted oats

1 + ½ cup pitted medjool dates

1 zucchini (medium sized)

½ cup maca powder

½ cup mesquite powder

3 Tbsp spirulina powder


Throw all ingredients into your food processor and mix until well-combined. You may need to pause and stir with a spoon here and there until everything mixes - don’t be afraid to add some elbow-grease here and’s worth it!

Once combined, start rolling into ~2 inch balls (or whatever size you prefer) with your hands. This recipe makes ~12-14 balls - depending on the size of course!

You can store in the fridge for about a month, or throw into the freezer for easy and long keeping ~3 months - just pop one out for about an hour before you plan to indulge!

Bonus tip: if stored frozen, they work fab for keeping your yogurt cool when you’re on-the-go! I throw a frozen one into a little glass jar with a huge dollop of coconut yogurt or kefir, a few berries, and whatever other granola-ish goodies I want to nourish myself with that about a snack I look forward to - wherever, whenever!


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