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How to Optimize For Self-Healing: Bridging Technology with Ancient Healing Practices

How to Optimize For Self-Healing: Bridging Technology with Ancient Healing Practices

by Kiki Athanas

April 09, 2018


How to Optimize For Self-Healing: Bridging Technology with Ancient Healing Practices

by Kiki Athanas

April 09, 2018

How to Optimize For Self-Healing: Bridging Technology with Ancient Healing Practices

Before modern medicine, we used other ways to heal - from natural herbs, plants and supplements, to energy medicine practices now referred to as ‘native’ and/or ‘spiritual’ healing traditions.

Today, we have “science” to work in our favour.

But is it? Is our dependence on science and our reliance on mainstream healthcare - with the assumption that it will provide us with the complete solution, and that it represents the boundary of the ‘best we can get’ - really a good thing?

Sometimes, it takes a crisis to discover and decide: No, this isn’t the best we can get.

With so many healing modalities present throughout the world, how can we bridge the gap between science and these ancient medicine traditions to harness the true power of healing?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could extract the very best, most potent and proven healing techniques from across the globe, and implement THAT into our lives? Either for general health and wellness, or for acute and chronic illnesses and diseases.

With all of the progressive advancements in our world today, alongside the fairly recent surge in mainstream acceptance of the importance of mindfulness and spirituality (at least, this is arguably considered ‘recent’ in First World countries such as the United States and Canada) - you’d think it would be more than possible.

And it is.

Bob Berman is a man who sought out his own journey to break through the barrier (or “box” as he calls it) beyond conventional medicine - becoming curious (and admittedly, desperate) for other alternative means of healing. It was brought on by his wife’s diagnosis of terminal cancer about 10 years ago, and since then, he has met with countless healers from across the world, as well with companies behind some of the world’s most advanced technologies for frequency healing.

Before I share with you the exciting and transformational result of these discoveries, and how YOU can harness the power that Bob so diligently sought out - I’m going to take you through the fundamental ‘3-step process’ for healing that he explained to me.

First things first, there’s…

1. Awareness of Awareness

“It’s all about seeing obstacles as opportunities,” Bob explains, as he discusses the tragedy of his wife’s diagnosis, but also addresses how it was the circumstance that forced him to “get outside of the box” - that box being ‘the real world’ of conventional medicine, and ultimately refusing to take a doctor’s diagnosis as ‘all that is’.

Bob acknowledges that sometimes it’s faith or religion that ‘knocks’ you into awareness, but for him, it was crisis - in the form of his wife’s terminal diagnosis. These sorts of scenarios can foster a sense of awareness or simply depression and inaction. In Bob’s case - it was the former.

He connected with Dr. Sharon Forest, the Founder and Director of Healthways International and the Enlightened Humanitarians Society offering a wide variety of modalities for healing, personal growth and self-empowerment, and she soon became a mentor and dear friend to him.

Bob began to realize that we all have the innate ability to self-heal.

And that leads to the second step.

2. Change

Once you open your eyes to the opportunities (rather than ‘tragedies’) that life has presented to you, it’s time to do something about it.

“You essentially need to figure out what needs to be done.” Bob says.

Instead of blaming someone else (i.e. ‘god’, your parents, employer, a friend, etc.), you can take action to improve the situation yourself.

Of course, this is easier said than done, as the pathways or answers to optimal change may not be clear. Furthermore, you’ll likely be discouraged from change by yourself (fear) as well as those around you (who think you’re going crazy and plead with you to remain the same - as was the case for Bob in deciding to leave his successful career as a Lawyer).

So, what helps you get over that hump and truly make and embrace the change?

Bob suggests that it starts with a reconnection of yourself. Not just any self, but your true authentic self.

Note that this self has likely been long gone and lost along the years of conforming into the comfortable status quo.

With Bob as an example, he used nature to reconnect, as he always loved being in the wilderness, and actually wanted to be a forest ranger when he was a kid.

“Usually, you can find your authentic self by reconnecting with a version of yourself as a child.”

Bob admits that he lost that connection to the earth and he let his love for nature fall by the wayside when he was around 20.

“You get to a point where you deny that you’re anyone beyond who people think you are”.

For Bob, that meant he denied his authentic ‘forest ranger’ self for the lawyer everyone grew to know and accept him as.

“Then, by about 40, you don’t have to deny it anymore - you simply forget.”

That’s eventually translates into an undercurrent of stress.

That deep-seated feeling of stress and anxiety that you’re not even really consciously aware of - because you don’t have that ‘awareness of awareness’ - and this unease starts to manifest into physical problems, forcing you to either face it, or continue denying it.

And if you’re strong enough to make it that far, you may be ready for the third and final step.

3. The Leap of Faith

This is when you’re finally ready to have faith in yourself.

“You know you can handle this - whatever ‘this’ is.” Bob laughs.

While some may interpret it as ‘religious’ and others as ‘spiritual’ - Bob suggests that it’s the trust in something bigger than yourself.

When you’re truly ready and equipped to heal, you’ve found and authentically reconnected with this awareness (i.e. ‘soul’/’spirit’ or whatever word resonates with you), and you don’t need to dump your problems on someone or something (whether it’s a doctor or at a temple/church/synagogue) - you know you have the answers inside you.

That’s Bob’s ultimate and underlying mission: to get people to realize that they each have the innate ability to heal, and it’s all there - right inside of them.

There’s a ‘formula’ of sorts, which helps explain this:

Healing = Tools + Awareness + Motivation

That ‘Awareness’ element is optimized through coherence, in that reaching a state of coherence means that you’re optimized for self-healing.

All of these transformations and life-changing insights have resulted in something so much greater, and I’m excited to share that we can all reap the benefits of it.

I’d like to end this article by introducing you to Soul 7, a “wellness centre” in Toronto that is oh so much more. It’s a space that takes advantage of Health Canada Approved mindfulness technologies curated for optimal health, happiness & self love.

So whether you’re just starting your journey, and fancy a bit of what I like to think of as ‘upgraded self-care’ time, or - if you’re finally ready to take the leap of faith in yourself, Soul 7 is your destination for inner greatness and the most optimized you.

Thank you Bob for so beautifully and authentically curating the best of the best when it comes to advancing our own abilities to heal. For anyone looking for a transformational - or just plain enjoyable experience - I encourage you to try the many services and treatments offered at Soul 7 in Yorkville. It’s well worth the visit.


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