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How to Release Limiting Thought Patterns to Create a New Future

How to Release Limiting Thought Patterns to Create a New Future

by Kiki Athanas

July 15, 2019


How to Release Limiting Thought Patterns to Create a New Future

by Kiki Athanas

July 15, 2019

How to Release Limiting Thought Patterns to Create a New Future

Feel the urge to up-level your work/relationships/LIFE - but don't know how to do it? Sometimes, when you're in a bit of a rut, getting out of it seems impossible. Or maybe you're pretty happy with where you're at in life, but know deep down that it could be even better (YASSSS lean into that my friend!). Either way, some good old manifestation work is likely just what you need. My friend Brooke Alexander is a hypnotherapist and Success coach, and she shared some very actionable and valuable insights on this very topic in our following interview...

What are limiting thought patterns and how can you determine if you have them?  

I define limiting thought patterns as any thoughts that hold you back, stop you or get in the way of you taking action towards your goals. They can be thoughts such as “that's not possible”, “that will take a lot of money I don’t have”, “what will other people think?” to name a few. All things are possible so if there’s a thought getting between you and what you desire, no matter how true it can seem, it’s a limiting belief/thought and you don't have to keep it.

What might a "release" look like, and what are some ways we can do that? 

It is possible to release these limiting thought patterns, and it’s going to be different for every person. As I mentioned above, beliefs and thoughts can feel so real and true because we’ve thought them so often and for so long everything we experience proves them true. Our subconscious mind will never make us a liar so if we believe something to be true our brain will prove us right, so sometimes just noticing the limiting thought can be tricky. This takes self awareness and a willingness to try on a different way of viewing the world and ourselves. Our ego can push back because these thought patterns have formed our identity and I see very often with my clients and even myself that when the current identity is threatened there is resistance. It’s important to know at this point that you decide who you are, and thus your identity, and you are able to decide who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world. There are many different ways limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns can be released so it’s best to try a few different ways to see what feels right for you. It may change over time so if at any point the tool or technique you’ve been using stops feeling aligned, you can try something new. 

My favourites are:

Hypnosis -  I had my first experience with hypnosis 12 years ago when I was hypnotised to get through a fear of flying and it worked amazingly. Hypnosis facilitates direct access to the unconscious mind so we can release and replace old beliefs as this is where all beliefs are kept. I use hypnosis with my clients to help them release old beliefs, create new ones, tap into a certain state (confidence, abundance, etc) manifestation, install future goals, release addiction and so many other things. Hypnosis can be done with a certified practitioner if you want it to be specific to you or you can search my hypnosis library for one that aligns with you.

Journaling - This is something I do every day in some form. There are many different ways to do it and a great place to start is by asking yourself questions and writing down whatever comes up. For example, if you have a belief that it’s not possible for you to get the promotion you want at your job, you can start by journaling on why you believe that, is it your belief or someone else's, is that ultimately true, what would it be like if it was possible, what would you believe about yourself if it was a possibility? The point is to get clear on why you think that and come up with alternative beliefs that are yours and do support you. This isn’t your traditional “dear diary” stuff you might have done before, use this opportunity to go deep and see what gets to be uncovered and worked through so you can get to your next level. 

NLP - This stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is basically the users manual for the mind. It helps you to communicate with your mind so you can create mindset shifts that will help you get to where you want to go. The most powerful shift I have ever experienced with NLP is changing a life-long belief that people did not like me when they met me in minutes using one technique. NLP should always be done with a certified practitioner.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is an awesome, easy and free way you can work through negative energy and limiting thought patterns. EFT focuses on the energy meridians of the body to restore energy flow to relieve negative emotions and physical pain. All you need to do is tap on specific points (follow this video for a guide) while focusing on the limiting thought and notice what comes up. This can be done any time, any where (even in the shower).

What if you're not clear on the "new future" you even want to create? 

So, what if you’re unsure of what your future looks like so you don’t even know what limiting thought patterns could be holding you back?

Well, consider that believing that you don’t know what your future looks like is a limiting belief itself. 

Ask yourself: "If I did know, what would it look like?" 

I like to do a “future self” meditation where I project my consciousness forward however far into the future I want to go and see what's there. Sometimes I’ll get a quick snap-shot of something and I know what’s happening in the scene so I focus on that being my end goal. This gives me something to work towards and allows me to start creating my next steps. If you’re not a visual person pay attention to inner guidance from your intuition or possibly “hearing” your future projection. 

What's one easy technique we should all learn and have in our toolbox for when we want to "up-level" our lives?! 

My favourite up-level technique is speaking my new identity into existence and voice recording it into my phone. Our voice carries a vibration so speaking out loud who we are becoming and our future is so powerful. I also speak my gratitude lists out loud and any time I want to feel more confident, happy, calm, anything I speak it out loud as though it has already happened and it works like magic!

If there's one thing you wish people better understood about your work, what would that be? 

People often think that hypnosis is mind control and that it can be used to make people do things they don’t want to do, but that is completely untrue. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and a person cannot be hypnotised into doing anything they don’t want to do. If a potential client reaches out and is skeptical and thinks it won't work, I don't use hypnosis with them because it won't work if they don't think it will. 

As the world changes and evolves and people look to spirituality to guide them, more and more people are realized the power they have within them to create their reality and live a life they create on purpose. I remember the day I found out I could choose my own thoughts and I didn’t have to listen to the ones I didn't like, I was mind blown. Now I want to help as many people as possible do the same thing so they can dream big and move towards their goals even when it looks crazy and they’ve never done it before. 

I’m really excited about the future of hypnotherapy and NLP. They're such amazing modalities that have completely transformed my life and the lives of my clients. We’re at the beginning of a huge transformation and I’m so grateful that I can share these tools with people so they can be a part of the transformation too.


Check out Brooke Alexander on Instagram, her podcast, & website.


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