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How to UNICORN Your Chia Pudding (Or Anything Edible...With These 2 Epic Superfood Powders)

How to UNICORN Your Chia Pudding (Or Anything Edible...With These 2 Epic Superfood Powders)

by Kiki Athanas

May 28, 2017


How to UNICORN Your Chia Pudding (Or Anything Edible...With These 2 Epic Superfood Powders)

by Kiki Athanas

May 28, 2017

How to UNICORN Your Chia Pudding (Or Anything Edible...With These 2 Epic Superfood Powders)

Pretty-ing up your food has NEVER been easier (or healthier) thanks to 2 key ingredients and a little lesson from the lovely fairy I met at Alternative Thinking's Organic Fusion Cafe - Arielle Cohen!

She just so happens to be the magician behind all of the sweet treats at Alternative Thinking and their elixir bar/event space Alternity.

As Arielle puts it:
Life is better dipped in chocolate, and when enjoyed in moderation, desserts have the potential to actually benefit our health, physically and emotionally. All it takes is simple ingredients, superfoods, and a good blender or food processor to create a dessert that is as beneficial as it is scrumptious. In fact, refined sugars need not exist in a world with medjool dates and raw honey!

And on the topic of COLOUR, Arielle shares the following insights:

“Colour is one of many gifts that makes the human experience special. Mother Nature has blessed us with two eyes that can intake a wide spectrum of shades and hues. Colour has the potential to turn the mundane into the vibrant as well as the power to influence our mood, and is even used as a form of therapy.

The colour of your food is relevant to how it nourishes your body and pleases your mind. We often hear the term “eat the rainbow” referring to how important it is to consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as their various pigments deliver different essential nutrients into the body. In a more psychological way, the colour of our food can influence our minds by eliciting various feelings and perceptions. Certain colours and hues naturally excite us. Vibrantly coloured food attracts and excites us, and may even change our perception of the taste. It enhances the experience, thereby allowing us to feel more satisfied by our food. 

Including more brightly coloured foods into our diets is not only essential for getting proper nourishment, but it also allows us to feel more satisfied by what we eat. Now, one might say that adding colours into your food is considered cheating. If you’re talking about artificial dyes that are created in a laboratory, then you are correct. However, converting our planet’s natural offerings (in this case, beets and algae) into powders to make it easier to add into certain foods is just plain ol’ practical! ”

Okay okay so healthy, vibrantly-pigmented treats - I think we're now on the same page and can agree that's great. 

But what about UPING your Instagram game to prove that you not only eat like a clean green machine, but also that you just so happen to be aesthetically fabulous about it all.

Well fellow double-tappers, Arielle has 2 little hacks for you, and they are as stunning as they are nourishing.

"Unicorning" Your Food: A 2 Part System

Superfood Wisk-in #1: Beet Powder

A bright red pigment is essential for playing around with your pinks, and a little goes a long way with this rich addition.

Beets, being RED mean they work to benefit our heart and blood - this is a quick and easy "hack" to help you remember how this colour of foods helps us (a learning courtesy of David Wolfe's The Colour Cure course). But that's not all, the other thing I LOVE about beets is that they are the perfect pre-workout food - forget Red Bull or Gatorade or whatever else you kids these days are drinking...BEETS are where it's at. The nitrates in them help to dilate our blood vessels (due to the nitric oxide produced in your body) and hence improves blood flow, helping you power-on longer (at the gym, in bed, etc. etc. let your mind run wild as you dream up the extent of what you can KEEP ON doing once these little gems are in your system). 

We were able to find this beet powder thanks to the gems at Alternative Thinking who ordered it in especially for us (gosh, there's this mildly epic rush of love you feel when someone goes to the trouble of ordering beet powder for you - I highly recommend it).

With that said, I am also familiar with a beet powder from Upaya Naturals which you can order online here. [Side note: I'm totally not an affiliate by the way #iwish - I'm just trying to make this easy and accessible for ya!]

Superfood Wisk-in #2: Blue Majik

Let's chat BLUE - it's literally the BEST EVER (okay, another David Wolfe reference - I can't help it!) colour. Why? Well, it's the rarest colour found in nature as it requires the most symmetry and energy to produce it. Think about it - how many foods are truly BLUE? Not many - and there's a reason for it!

Blue Majik is the perfect way to take in phycocyanin, which is the blue pigment in blue-green algae. In general, blue is associated with production of stem cells and bone marrow, as well as thyroid health. On a more spiritual level, it refers to creativity and the throat (i.e. the throat chakra.). When you think blue, think: recreating yourself, remaking yourself.

PS it also just so happens to be the most 'Instagrammable' colour for your food posts...that's a fact. No really: images containing blue get 24% more attention

We all want more attention...or maybe that's just me.

Regardless, you're welcome.

PSS if you want to try an awesome meal that contains this blue MAJIK - try the Dreamy Smoothie bowl at Calii Love. The founder of this healthy haven, Dan, made a point of adding Blue Majik to the menu specifically because he knew that a lot of vegans ate at his restaurants. He wanted to offer an accessible way to get in those super beneficial - but often neglected and hard-to-come-by - B12 vitamins, for those following a plant-based diet.

Where to find Blue Majik for your own use you ask?! Oh goodness - it's difficult, and I suggest ordering it online because apparently every health store conveniently seems to be OUT OF STOCK like ALWAYSSSSS. If you happen to be in Toronto though, the cheapest way to get a bit of this blue pigment - although combined with the through buying Spirulina at Alternative Thinking (again, the least expensive place to get your hands on anything "superfood/powder").

Note that some edible unicorn-inspired creations also use turmeric which is super fab (anti-oxidants galore and is anti-inflammatory), but Arielle and I both agreed that turmeric is already hyped up enough and we're a little sick of hearing about it. Again, it's great - but turmeric lattes are no longer new and trendy, sorry, but you'll just have to enjoy them without the Insta-fame at this point.

So there you have it! Unicorn-ing your food requires a bit of ingredient hunting, but will be well worth it for the most divine chia pudding creation you could ever possibly dream up!


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