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How to Upgrade Your Mindful Morning Ritual? Add This Special Blue Light.

How to Upgrade Your Mindful Morning Ritual? Add This Special Blue Light.

by Kiki Athanas

April 02, 2018


How to Upgrade Your Mindful Morning Ritual? Add This Special Blue Light.

by Kiki Athanas

April 02, 2018

How to Upgrade Your Mindful Morning Ritual? Add This Special Blue Light.

Taking the time to set each day up for success is essential for a grounded life where you feel and can give your very best. While there are the usual “health hacks” and mindful regimes that we’ve all heard before - cue: warm lemon water, light yoga and stretching, The Five Minute Journal, etc. - the most important element is often missing.

Especially for those who sometimes find it hard to get out of bed, experience energy lows throughout the day, and/or have trouble getting or staying asleep at night - supplementing your routine with this one effortless device can totally recharge your entire existence (and for once - I am NOT not being over-dramatic!).

Meet AYO (pronounced ‘eye-oh’). It’s a blue-light emitting wearable which utilizes Revolutionary technology based on Nobel Prize-winning mechanisms that helps you sleep better, beat jet lag and have more energy!

How exactly does it work?

I wanted to know too - so I connected with Co-Founder and CMO Aleksandar Dimitrov to get the full story.

Aleksandar was kind enough to provide me with the context for why the AYO headband was created in the first place…

Aleksandar, originally from Bulgaria, moved to the Netherlands to do his Masters in Entrepreneurship, and he begun to find it difficult to maintain his energy levels amongst the long hours of studying combined with lack of sunshine!

Some people would turn to coffee (or worse…).

Not Aleksandar. He teamed up with friend and future Co-Founder Branislav to create a wearable device solution that was convenient, smart and did just the trick for helping them stay more alert, energetic, and regulating their body clock. BOOM! Successful graduation was now way more attainable ;)

What projects, relationships, or personal growth might you be able to supercharge with AYO?

I’m putting it to the test in my sacred morning routine, as this is something that has already proven to transform my life for the better - now I can add the power of SUNLIGHT!

And that’s precisely what the AYO does: it’s scientifically designed (and proven!) to suppress melatonin (a hormone that helps your body know when it's time to sleep) and mimic sunlight so that you can finally sync up and restore your own body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Now I say your own body's circadian rhythm, because we are all different - and AYO understands that, and thus work withs (rather than possibly against) you.

Yup, it gets better people. AYO works alongside the AYO App which gathers your own sleep habits and other data to provide you with customized smart programs for Sleep, Travel and Energy.

Allow me to explain with the example Aleksandar shared with me…

Let’s say you’re flying halfway across the world and don’t have time to be jet-lagged (your boss who booked the trip simply did not have the kindness to schedule that in) - fear not, AYO will sync you up so that you’ll arrive rested. You simply put your flight itinerary into the app, add some information which represents your own unique body clock (in other words: it allows you to let the app know if you’re a night owl vs. early bird) and you’ll be guided on exactly when and how to use the headband to minimize jet lag and enjoy every moment of your travels (or hate that business trip a little less).

That’s just one of the many examples of the use cases for AYO, but there are literally countless other reasons. Mainly, who doesn’t want to wake up easier, have more energy throughout the day, and fall and stay asleep easier at night?!

The practice I recommend for just about anyone and everyone is to use it while going about their morning routine - which is hopefully more on the ‘sacred’ side, and less ‘wake-up-coffee-hustle’ side, but each to their own!

Here’s what my rise (and now SHINE) ritual looks like:

    • Wake up and chill out in bed for 5-15 minutes → Either listening to soft music, a Lazaris Morning Blending Recording (meditation), or simply think and get excited about my day ahead. Some people talk about their “gratitude practice”, which I’ll admit I’m not sure I follow the specific ‘protocol’ on, but for whatever it’s worth, embracing my enthusiasm for the day’s planned activities fuels me with a glorious sense of joy and appreciation.
    • Dry brush for 3-5 minutes → I learned how to dry brush my face by Julie from Province Apothecary, and I follow this tutorial from Goopfor the rest of my body. Hello lymphatic drainage!

    • Get moving → Sometimes it’s a gentle 10-15 minute stretch on my yoga mat, other times it’s one of Sarah Kusch’s HIIT home workout videos on Grokker.

    • Drink lots of water → As soon as I’m done exercising, I turn to hydration! Not just any water though, but perfectly pure alkaline water - filtered by a Berkey that I got from Conscious Water. To level-it-up even further, I’ll pop an Active H2 pill in to add Molecular Hydrogen, which is a powerful active ingredient to help with neutralizing and optimizing the body's natural cleansing pathways.

    • Read my mantra → This is a single page that outlines the kind of life I want, and have the gift (and choice!) of living. It also serves as a gentle reminder of the specific strategies that I have identified to help me achieve and enjoy it.

    • BONUS: I have been looking to add on 15-30 minutes of “light therapy” to round out this routine and ensure that I feel well-rested, recharged, and 100% ready to take on my day.

Trusted  experts like Dr. Mercola and Dave Asprey are advocates for the importance of exposing yourself to sunlight first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do living in a Toronto condo - let alone impossible during the dead of winter in Canada. I’ve considered investing in an extremely expensive and downright controversial UVB lamp (some say they are dangerous, others claim it’s only UVA light you should fear…) - but I haven’t found ANYTHING that isn’t time-consuming, difficult and/or impractical to use, or just incredibly atrocious looking (seriously, as if I’m putting something that looks like a torture-chamber in my cozy humble abode).

...UNTIL NOW: I am so thrilled to have found AYO, and the best part is: it’s not a time add-on to my ritual - it’s simply something that can be effortless incorporated into what I’m already doing. If you follow my routine, you may choose to wear it while meditating in the morning and then dry-brushing pre-workout* like I do (for a total time length of around 20 minutes).

*Side note: I also find this supercharges my fitness regime.

Alternatively, you can wear it during another practice you may follow such as sipping on a nice warm tea, or while journaling. The possibilities for upgrading your day have never been easier.

Ready to relight your life? Wherever you live in the world, you can have the AYO wearable shipped expressed (FREE!) directly to your house by next week. Get it here.

AYO Co-Founder Aleksandar claims his greatest 'health hack' is simply getting outside - preferably in the mountains. “I try to do some kind of sport everyday - I love running, going to the gym, yoga and rock-climbing. While I have periods of ups and downs when it comes to meditation - sometimes I’ll practice daily for a month, other times weeks go by and I don’t seem to take the time - I always make room for nature and sports. It is something that never fails to allow myself to completely restore.”


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