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How to Use Crystals & Essences for a Creativity-Inducing Work Space

How to Use Crystals & Essences for a Creativity-Inducing Work Space

by Kiki Athanas

October 01, 2018


How to Use Crystals & Essences for a Creativity-Inducing Work Space

by Kiki Athanas

October 01, 2018

How to Use Crystals & Essences for a Creativity-Inducing Work Space

Creating the most divine workspace for your most divine work is most necessary.

There isn’t any better expert at bringing to life precious “land vibes” than my darling friend, Alex Oliver, who is a practicing and studying artist, currently based in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk in the UK.

“My art practice focuses on painting, which is my favourite creative outlet. I paint both for myself and for others, receiving commissions ranging from portraits of beloved pets and people, to cars, landscapes and even scenes from classic movies!”

I asked Alex to share how she sets up her workspace so that we can all get inspired to do the same - and know exactly how…

I am lucky enough to have a little gypsy cabin for a studio space, nestled out of sight in my typically English country garden – it’s a great place for me to retreat to!

As it’s a small space I want to keep it as minimal as possible so as not to feel cluttered when I’m in there, I find a tidy space is a tidy mind. Whenever I leave the studio after a painting session I like to make sure I leave it looking as clean as I can, so I can always arrive to a fresh start.

For me, colour is so important in a space. I made sure to have bright funky orange rugs in there which really lifts the space and makes me smile whenever I return. Bright colours are always great for lifting the mood!

Before I start painting, I always make sure to cleanse the space with a healing spray that I create myself. For me, this is really important as it transmutes any lingering negative energies that might have remained since the last time I was there. For example, if I wasn’t having a good painting session and was really frustrated with how the painting was going, and I just left, that energy could still be around, and I wouldn’t want that there for when I came back. So I spray!

If I arrived at the studio and I was feeling particularly unbalanced, and I didn’t want to start the painting in this mood, I might meditate before starting, to clear my head.

I also have my little doggy companion Maggie join me in there a lot too, she loves to keep me company! And that always puts me in a good mood.

There are three main crystals that I work with in my studio, I think of them as my ‘base crystals’. I keep them in there all the time to cleanse and recharge the space.

  1. Amethyst – I keep this in there as it transmutes negativity, and replaces it with good vibes only; essential to any creative work space!

  2. Celestite – A very angelic crystal, and one of my favourites. It gives off a lovely calming energy, which is needed especially in those challenging days when painting doesn’t go very well!

  3. Ruby Zoisite – This crystal brings the energy of happiness, vitality and growth.

    Generally, with the above crystals, I leave them to do their thing. Each time I trek down the garden to little cabin, I’m usually carrying other crystals with me that I’m working with personally. If I feel the need, I might meditate with those before I start painting, or just let them sit on the side.

    I also NEVER go anywhere without at least 2 or 3 of my AURA BEADS!

    What other ways do you cleanse and prepare the energies of the space to be most conducive for fostering creativity?

    Sprays are a really important part of my process. As I mentioned before, I always cleanse the space with them before I start painting, and sometimes I might spray them into the wet paint or straight onto the canvas to put some good juju into the painting! I have recently started creating my own crystal infused essential oil sprays which I have been using, or a crystal healing spray by Amanda Ellis.

    I have also trained in AuraSoma and use their pomander’s to clear my own aura of any negativity before I start painting, and might also mix this in with the paint if I feel the need as well.  

    If all else fails, what’s your go-to creativity hack for “getting into the zone”?

    Just accepting that if its just not working, don’t force it, its all about how you feel. If you’re stressed out and working harder will only make you more stressed, take a step back maybe. I might go away for a little while, put the kettle on and come back when I’ve had a break, or even just sit in the space and be with my painting. It gives good time for reflection.

    If I feel a bit overwhelmed or become creatively blocked, I might also just sit with a crystal for a little bit.

    And if all else fails, I might go away and come back the next day, fresh and ready to try again!


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