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How You Should Be Eating on a Full Moon

How You Should Be Eating on a Full Moon

by Kiki Athanas

July 28, 2018


How You Should Be Eating on a Full Moon

by Kiki Athanas

July 28, 2018

How You Should Be Eating on a Full Moon

Full moon got you feeling all of the feels? Well, it should.

Allow me to explain...with science (or, astrology? - either way this is no airy fairy nonsense...).

With the full moon, a strong pull on the waters of the earth raises the tides. It's a fact.

Research has also shown that we actually sleep less on a full moon.

Coincidence? I think not.

We are mostly water, and across time and religions - water is associated with the emotional body.

So whether you're feeling tense, anxious, or just plain tired - it may very likely be the mooooooon!

It's not a bad thing though, the full moon is a powerful time to embark on what you've been manifesting. Time to step out into the world to call upon the support you need to SEE THIS THROUGH and make it happen once and for all. BLOOM!

Of course, supporting yourself with the right nutritional regime throughout this time is of utmost importance.

Here are my top 5 tips for nourishing yourself during a full moon:

1. Sleep Support

Since we tend to sleep less on a full moon, it can be helpful to increase your melatonin dose before bed. For that, there's no tastier bedtime summer treat than cherries! They are a rich dietary source of melatonin, which has been reported to improve sleep efficiency as it aids your natural sleep/wake cycle (think: body clock hack!).

2. Grazing

Practicing the fine art of...EATING-ALL-THE-TIME! Yes. It's an art and science. Here's the deal, when we go longer than 2 hours without food, our blood sugar levels drop and our adrenals are forced to pumped out adrenaline and cortisol to fill in for the lack of sugar in the bloodstream, so if you're dealing with any sort of adrenal fatigue or stress - make sure you snack effectively!

The best snacks, I've learned (& tried and tested myself) from Anthony Williams, include a balance of potassium, sodium, and natural sugar (from fruit). One of my personal favourites is a slice of apple, celery + a date or two!

3. Aphrodisiacs

Okay, this one is sort of for fun but also for healing! Full moons are a time for harnessing and growing our feminine what better food than chocolate?! And by chocolate - obviously I mean raw cacao! Rich in antioxidants, and containing the phenylethylamine "the love chemical", cacao actually makes the brain release dopamine, which in-turn helps stimulate our feelings of joy and pleasure!

Bonus: cacao is also a rich source of magnesium (cue: better sleep), which many women are deficient in - hence our "craving for chocolate". 

4. Mindful Eating

Just like tuning into the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) energies of the full moon can provide powerful healing and better connecting to your body's wisdom - so can literally 'taking a moment' with your food.

While I shared many of my mindful eating tips in a previous post, I want to highlight how perfect this time is to truly 'be one with your food'! For me, that means praying to the angels (out they can hear!) - I pray to the Angel of Enrichment to enrich my food with everything that I need to thrive and feel good throughout my day. If you're looking for a less hippie-dippie approach - try taking 3 big belly breaths before and after your meal. Your digestion will thank me later.

5. Energy Boosts

What's coming to fruition in your life? Time to grab life by the horns and DO IT! And for that, a bit of energy (or...a lot) may be required. Instead of relying on coffee, I encourage you to take advantage of the power of fruit. Grapes, for instance, are known as "the queen of the fruits", being one of the most nutritious and medicinal foods available since ancient times. Don't let the keto craze deter you from natural sugars from fruits, as they actually benefit blood sugar levels by providing better insulin regulation. 

Above all else - be kind to yourself! Listen in, note what's happening, and open up to the change that might be coming. With knowledge and love comes true healing power and potential.


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