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Living on Light: Breatharian Sofia Proves it is Possible for a Person to Live Without Consuming Food.

Living on Light: Breatharian Sofia Proves it is Possible for a Person to Live Without Consuming Food.

by Kiki Athanas

May 17, 2018


Living on Light: Breatharian Sofia Proves it is Possible for a Person to Live Without Consuming Food.

by Kiki Athanas

May 17, 2018

Living on Light: Breatharian Sofia Proves it is Possible for a Person to Live Without Consuming Food.

Have you ever heard about people that don't eat? Not the 'eat like a bird' types, I'm referring to full on breatharians

It's a thing.

A Breatharian – as defined in the book A Year Without Food – is a person who chooses to live mostly, or completely, from Pranic nourishment. Apparently, once Breatharians have trained their body to absorb this energy from the air and sunlight, they are no longer dependent on food

Yes, I was as intrigued, weirded-out, and understandable skeptical as you are right now reading this.

Then I was introduced to Sofia Waapiti Ra, by a dear yoga teacher and friend of mine, and I started to consider the possibility that this is indeed true and actually possible.

Sofia shares her very raw journey on social media in a way that is so open it's both uncomfortable and beautiful all at the same time. 

I had the pleasure of connecting with her directly, and I didn't hold back in asking the questions we're all dying to hear the answers to...

How you were first introduced to breatharianism?

Sofia Waapiti Ra: The word breatharianism came to me after I began to live a lifestyle without the need for foods or liquids.

My friends sent me links of breatharians and I slowly made contact with a few online, although to date I have not met any. I have been invited to give a talk at the breatharian world festival on June 1st 2018 in Italy, where hopefully I shall meet others choosing this lifestyle.

My recognition for not being dependent on food began quite early, even as a small child I did not want to eat, which frightened my mother, as she thought I would die. I remember telling her at the age of around 6 or 7 that I did not want to eat animals, so she began to cook me vegetarian meals. I specifically remember her bean burgers. 

It was about 20 years ago during silent retreats with Tibetan buddhists, where I experienced others that needed much less food than was commonly recommended. 

Less food, infused with prayer and silence.

Following from that, I attended many 10 day Vipassanas, mostly with the Theravada monks & this further expounded my experience of living with less food, more prayer and silence. I began to go to the Himalayas and spent time alone and in silence, each year spending more time - one year spending more than half the year in silence.

I would practice qigong, mediation, hiking and two meals a day. 

  • 8am porridge with dates, maca and more healthy treats,
  • 11:30am an Indian vegetarian meal prepared by a local girl each day (they did not have a lot of money and vegetables didn’t seem to grow that high in the mountains, so often it was dahl and rice).
  • After that I did not eat again for the rest of the day - sometimes having a hot drink at around 5pm.

After many years of living in this way, during some time in the Himalayas, I was visited by a collective of celestial beings who explained to me, that my light quotient was such, that I no longer needed to eat or drink. This was in march 2015. I was a little frightened, so I declined. It was proposed to me again in September 2015, when I tried 3 days of no food or water. Again I became frightened, as nothing appeared to change at all, so out of fear I began to eat again.

In July 2016 the celestial beings said it would be a good time to begin this lifestyle, and by then I felt ready, agreed, and they took me through a magical 3 week journey of transformation. 

Greatest moments in your journey thus far?

Sofia Waapiti Ra: Meeting the angelics, a collective of high vibrational beings who may be likened to the great mother of all, with a resonance of pure unwavering unconditional love.

Worst moments?

SWR:  The thoughts of going public, giving interviews and sharing this way of being with the world

What’s your take on food and nutrition? Is eating “good” (i.e. healthy, “superfoods”) still worthy of our attention? Perhaps a transitionary step in becoming the goal breatharian?

Or is all food simply a waste and distraction?

SWR: Sure, moving from ingesting animal beings, to plant beings, from solids to liquids is a soft transition.

If eating healthy makes you feel better about yourself then do it, just like you should do anything & everything that makes you feel good.

Send your love, a blessing, a prayer of high vibrations, like gratitude, appreciation, grace, or respect into the animal, plant, or mineral beings that you are about to eat - this raises the frequency of what you are about to eat.  I would say eating less with gratitude is more important than what you eat.

Most people eat as a distraction or out of habit, not out of hunger, in what is called the "First World". Once food is reduced, emotions begin to surface, so do not give up your food unless you are prepared to welcome, honour, and respect your fears. This is a foundation to expanding consciousness to a place where one no longer needs to partake in these substances.

Since many of us aren’t ready to give up our current lifestyles completely in order to go breatharian, what are some simpler to implement strategies you’d suggest in order to still reap some of the benefits of this higher consciousness you speak of?

SWR:  Eat less, daydream more. Consume less, be more generous. Talk less, forgive more. Hurry less, be more (present). Resolution comes forth in stillness & silence, and simplicity arises. 

Sofia can be found on social media via...

FACEBOOK          Sofia Waapiti Ra

INSTAGRAM          livingonlight

TWITTER          @SofiaWaapitiRa



  • Je hebt me bewust gemaakt. Dank je. Ik bereid me voor op de volgende stap.
    Met liefde.

    Alfons Geys on

  • It’s verrri nice

    MarWic on

  • I have been having a really difficult time eating, however, I feel it is for another reason. I work closely with sacred flames, including Violet Flame, and some time eating is a challenge and other times consume whatever I could. Thank you for sharing. I feel my body is guiding me to a space of optional eating for the experience.

    Joshua Weightman on

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