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Manifestation Bracelets: Calling in Your Ideal Twin-Flame with Crystal Jewellery

Manifestation Bracelets: Calling in Your Ideal Twin-Flame with Crystal Jewellery

by Kiki Athanas

September 24, 2018


Manifestation Bracelets: Calling in Your Ideal Twin-Flame with Crystal Jewellery

by Kiki Athanas

September 24, 2018

Manifestation Bracelets: Calling in Your Ideal Twin-Flame with Crystal Jewellery

Since crystals vibrate at a higher frequency, they are the perfect tool to harness your dreams and desires into reality.

Beyond that, they are beautiful, so wearing crystals that are specially chosen to call in such dreams, is a powerful & aesthetically perfect practice!

After being inspired by yet another ‘miracle story’ featuring the incredible Aura Beads, I recently designed by very own “twin-flame” bracelet. It was a creative project that invited me to get clear on what I want in a partner - acknowledging it for myself, so that, ultimately, I can send it out to the universe and trust in it’s delivery.

Think of it like a vision board with a healthy dose of “love life” talk - amplified with the power of crystals.

Oh yes, it’s just as divine (literally) as you’re envisioning.

Here’s how it works…

1. Get in the Zone

In order for you to accept a loving partner into your life, you must first find deep love and complete adoration and acceptance of yourself. Once you are able to see the beauty and gift that YOU are on this earth, your light will shine bright. This love and light from within opens you up to more easily receive all of the wonderful gifts that the universe so desperately wishes to grant you - one of which is love & support from a romantic partner. 

There are many ways to foster more self-love, here are a few of my favourites: 

  • Harnessing the vibrations of rose-quartz - specifically by sleeping with a flat heart-shaped palm stone under your pillow each night.
  • Drinking wellness gem water (water infused with the crystal vibrations of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz).
  • Praying to the life-changing angels (I like to pray to the Angel of Relationships when I do start seeing someone).

2. List the Qualities You Desire in Your Worthy Partner

Feel free to be as ‘high-level’ or specific as you wish.

Whether it’s deciding you want your partner to be “honest, charming, and supportive” or “5’10, South African accent, likes Cockapoos” - just go with whatever feels right and whatever details or descriptions resonate with you and help you resonate with and connect with what you know you deserve and will bring you utmost love and happiness.

Perhaps reflect on qualities of past relationships that served you well, and also those that didn’t - seeing every past experience as a way to reflect & bring about deep insight and wisdom for your next heart-warming partnership.

3. Find a Crystal Representation for Each Quality

Now for the fun part: crystal mix & match!

Once you have all the qualities you’d like listed (preferably written down on paper, so that you can easily visualize and keep track) - narrow it down to about 5-7 (give or take a few depending on if you’re okay with a more simple or creatively vivacious bracelet)

For each quality, find the perfect crystal to help manifest it. This can be done by working one-on-one with a crystal master (one of my go-to’s in Toronto is Joey Wargachuck), using books like The Crystal Bible, or simply follow your intuition - using subtle energies and elements like colour and texture to guide you. 

BONUS TIP: Karen Oliver, Founder of Aura-Beads, taught me the small but mighty “MBO” practice which can take this whole manifestation activity & the resulting bracelet up a notch (or infinitely!).

Here’s how it works, simply speak aloud; “I now request the most benevolent outcome for…” —> inserting whatever the specific circumstance or ask is, so in this case, you may add “welcoming my lovingly and inspiring partner into my life”.

Whatever words you choose, say them aloud, and always end with “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” (That’s “thank you” X 3!).

I personally found this experience healing, enlightening, and incredibly fun…and it all ended in one of my absolute favourite Aura Beads bracelets I have ever worn (and now wear daily!). 

Incase you’re interested in the details of my creation…

Confidence —> Larimar (Stone of the Caribbean)

Hilarious —> Citrine
Master of Communication —> Blue Lace Agate
Conscientious —> Blue Lace Agate
Driven —> Garnet
Passionate —> Garnet
Spiritual —> Amethyst 
Leader —> Garnet
Master of Abundance —> Citrine
Supportive —> Lepidolite 


      I can honestly say that my Aura Beads bracelets are some of my all-time FAVOURITE things ever. The best part of my day is choosing which one to wear and doing so with love and excitement to the power, protection, and joy they will bring to my day.

      If you'd like to browse Karen's collection or request a special individually dowsed bracelet, check out online.

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