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Mindful Boxing at the Hippest New Wellness Space to Open in Toronto

Mindful Boxing at the Hippest New Wellness Space to Open in Toronto

by Kiki Athanas

July 16, 2018


Mindful Boxing at the Hippest New Wellness Space to Open in Toronto

by Kiki Athanas

July 16, 2018

Mindful Boxing at the Hippest New Wellness Space to Open in Toronto

Although Caleigh may appear to be your average Instagram fitness influencer and self-love advocating #BossBabe on social media, she admits to still being a journalist at her core. This passion for discovering and sharing is what continues to drive everything she does - and how she does it.

And she’s doing some pretty epic things.

But if you asked her just a few years ago if she would be opening her very own gym - Caleigh honestly admits her answer would have been “#$%^ no!”.

Yet, after a wildly-successful popup on Peter St. in downtown Toronto, BOLO / BodyLove is officially opening its doors permanently in a 7,000 square foot location.

BodyLove is the new dream destination for active, busy, young professionals in the city. Come for a crazy good workout, stay for a coffee, to hang with your peeps post-sweat or to answer emails – it’s all about offering a multi-tasking space for like-minded hustlers.

As a hustling entrepreneur herself, Caleigh recognized an unmet need in the market: there’s no single place to “hustle” your work life and your workout-life.

She thought you should be able to get a killer workout, stick around and do some work (and if you like - some supportive and inclusive networking), whilst also getting some good clean grub, and even a blow-out - so you still look and feel beautiful as you run to your next gig!

Well, the day has come.

BOLO is officially set to launch THIS WEEK on July 17th, 2018, and it’s going to be just as stellar as you can imagine.

I personally had the pleasure of sweating it out in BOLO luxury this past month and was pleasantly surprised - it certainly wasn't the pretentious environment that I expected coming from a well-connected “influencer”. Instead, I was warmly welcomed into a community of people who simply want the best for themselves - body, mind & spirit - and are only too encouraging for you to come join their self-lovin’ tribe.

Oh, also, the classes kick your ass...and you feel it the next a good way.

While the schedule certainly has a boxing focus - don’t let that intimidate you. Most classes are open to all fitness levels and no need to stress it if you don’t have gloves - rental is always on them!

I personally fell in love with Lany’s BOLO BOXING class, as she made following along to the sequences doable for someone as coordinately-challenged as myself.

In fact, there’s some pretty huge myths around boxing, and Caleigh is the perfect person to help us sort these out!

BOXING: Nope, It’s (Probably) Not What You Think…

What it is:

  • Badass.

  • Intelligent.

  • A Form of Meditation → Requiring your attention to focus on when to rotate, throw a punch, change your stance, etc. Plus, wearing gloves makes it pretty hard to check your phone.

What it isn’t - or, at least, doesn’t have to be:

  • High Impact. Caleigh explains that it can be an accessible and safe workout for those recovering from an injury - or even pregnant women.

  • Aggressive. While it can definitely be stress-relieving, it doesn’t need to be fuelled by stress or anger. Happy boxing is totally a thing.

  • Intimidating. Check out a BOLO class and agree with me later.

So with that, are you ready to push whatever apprehensions you may have had aside and give it a go?

Regardless of if you decide to make the most of the FREE hot classes available at the studio throughout the remainder of the month (yes, I mean like literally classes for $0), Caleigh encourages you to commit to whatever health and fitness goals you’ve set for yourself - but remember to always do so mindfully.

Caleigh’s Mindful Health & Fitness Commitment Strategies

  • Skip the “diet” and say no to deprivation before it backfires. Fuel your body with what makes you feel full, energized and happy - always.

  • Commit. Sometimes that means forking out some cash in advance so that you’ll actually follow-through, or pairing up with a friend to hold each other accountable.

  • If you can find the time - use it! It’s no little miracle to make 30 minutes at the start of your day to get up and move...but it’s well worth it if you can. Maybe it’s not everyday, but that doesn’t mean it’s not impactful!

  • Set your goals small to start. Be realistic and gentle on yourself. Doing a workout even just once or twice a week might be where you need to aim to get to at first - that’s AMAZING! Add more workout days slowly into your weekly regime until you find a supportive balance that suits you. Take it slow and don’t beat yourself up when you bail - just note it, and aim to kill it the next time around.

Caleigh’s positivity is contagious, and after following her adventures on social media these past few months - I can honestly say she’s even more inspiring in person.

So, who inspires her? Here are some other Toronto boss babes she suggests you check out:

Regardless of if you’re in the market for a new gym, a new co-working space, or maybe even a just a new cafe to hit up for some delicious healthy food...if you’re Toronto-based - it’s definitely worth hitting up BOLO. (Did I mention all hot classes are free until the end of the month?!)


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