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Organic Cotton Face Cloth Benefits & How To Use

Organic Cotton Face Cloth Benefits & How To Use

by Kiki Athanas

June 25, 2018


Organic Cotton Face Cloth Benefits & How To Use

by Kiki Athanas

June 25, 2018

Organic Cotton Face Cloth Benefits & How To Use

Washing your face doesn't have to be complicated - but it should be detoxifying, gentle, & nourishing. *Bonus if it makes you feel like you're at a spa.

If you've read some of my green beauty posts before, you know I'm all about mindful skincare...that actually works.

While there are certainly several options when it comes to 'Kiki-approved' green & clean skincare products, the most basic tools & steps sometimes get forgotten along the way - and they can make all the difference. 

Take your face cloth, for example. You could be using the most divine, premium products on the market, but if you're scratching your face with a rough and chemical-infused washcloth on the daily, you may actually be doing more harm than good. Of course, maintaining a clean washcloth (and that means washing it at least every 2-3 uses) is essential, but that's not the first or only thing to worry about.

Before you buy a washcloth, you should be aware of what could be lurking in the fabric you'll be rubbing against your face on the daily - and hence ingesting!

Unfortunately, most fabrics are coated in seriously toxic chemicals at several different stages of production - from colouring fabrics to finishing pieces. Beyond being particularly harmful to our bodies (since these items are going over our sensitive areas like our eyes and mouths) - it's not doing our planet any good either (think: environmental devastation + underpaid workers in factories where these items are made). 

The good news is there are ethical alternatives available - you just have to know to know!

Now that you do, there are just a couple other tips that are good to keep in mind.

The first is the "softness" of the face cloth itself. Many of us prefer a luxuriously soft and gentle texture - and with good reason! While exfoliating is certainly something that can be beneficial for the right skin types and if done in the right frequency (2-3 times a week max), you do not want to be scratching away at your cells twice a day - but you do want to be cleansing and nourishing it that often.

And that leads me to the second and final note before I leave you with my top choice for a face cloth that fits the bill and checks all the boxes: the type of cleanser to use. While it's fun to switch it up and try new things - especially in the skincare department (#guilty!), I always return back to one certain type of cleanser, and recommend it to anyone and everyone - including those working with skincare concerns like acne, eczema, or even just general aging and moisture-loss.

That 'one-size-fits-all' is none other than the now trendy: oil-cleansing. Yes, it's perfect for you if you have dry, combination, or normal skin - and it's even great for oily skin.

See, oil fights oil. Once you stop ignoring that fact and start nourishing your skin the way it's meant to be will start to love you back!

I first got into oil cleansing several years ago with a specially derived spelt extract I had the luxury of using while on an internship in a biodynamic farm in the UK (yup: it was as magical as it sounds!). Today, lucky for all of us - oil cleansing is the next best thing since sliced bread, and options are endless.

While I certainly encourage you to play around and trial what oil cleaning blends work best for you and your needs, I've found Province Apothecary's Moisturizing Cleanser + Make-Up Remover to be a great staple in my bathroom cabinet and is my single carry-on item while travelling since it takes off the several layers of my waterproof mascara, cleanses my entire face, and then leaves it feeling incredibly moisturized and soothed so I don't find a need moisturize before bed. I end with a quick mist of Flower Shower and I'm all set.

Okay, now we're officially ready to cover the face wash processand why your cloth matters. It's all about the regime.

Beyond the points already discussed, oil cleansing is my preferred choice because it encourages you to literally massage your face. This helps with lymphatic drainage and is the perfect way to "wake-up" your face in the morning, and soothe and rub out tension at the end of the day.

Here's how it all works - and how a gentle & toxic-free cloth comes into play:

1. Slightly dampen your face with warm water.

2. Add 2-3 pumps of an oil cleanser of your choice and treat yourself to an indulgent face massage! Circular motions tend to work best (but just do what feels good!) and try to make time to do it for 1-2 minutes if possible (can you spare 60 seconds or a bit more for a fresh & beautifully clean face?!).

3. Grab your chemical-free and super soft face cloth (I've personally fallen IN LOVE with the new cloths from Province Apothecary, which are 100% organic cotton and has both a smooth side as well as a lightly textured one so you can choose when to exfoliate) and steam it up! In other words, run it under warm-to-hot water and then quickly ring it out and lay it onto your face. Ahhhh bliss. Pat the heated softness onto your face as your pores naturally open up to get an even deeper clean.

4. Gentle rub away all the dirt (& possibly makeup) in circular motions with the cloth - repeating a few times (& rinsing in-between) as necessary. Now if it's the morning it's best to moisturize and protect for your day ahead, but if it's just before bedtime, you can likely get away with not doing anything else! It can actually be beneficial (especially for more problematic skin types) to have a totally bare face for bed, allowing your natural oils and the restoration of your cells to do their thang!

So if there's one thing you've learned in this post (and I certainly hope there's a few more too!) it's the essential of knowing your essentials. While luxurious and premium skincare products are great - without the proper tools, you're not making the best of them, and could even be causing more trouble for your skin. I've searched far and wide for a face cloth I can feel good about and that really does the job, and now I'm relieved to rely on the Province Apothecary Organic Cotton Face Cloths, which are seriously inexpensive ($15 for 2!!!) and even better - made consciously in Toronto.


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