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Reduce Oxidative Stress For Anti-Aging and Powerful Healing: Meet NanoVi

Reduce Oxidative Stress For Anti-Aging and Powerful Healing: Meet NanoVi

by Kiki Athanas

March 11, 2018


Reduce Oxidative Stress For Anti-Aging and Powerful Healing: Meet NanoVi

by Kiki Athanas

March 11, 2018

Reduce Oxidative Stress For Anti-Aging and Powerful Healing: Meet NanoVi

“The role oxidative stress plays in our health and appearance cannot be overstated. It is at the heart of aging, loss of performance, and chronic illness. Oxidative stress occurs when the assault from free radicals is greater than the body’s ability to prevent and repair damage.

All age-related or chronic diseases are in some way associated with oxidative stress and some are caused by it. Even if oxidative stress does not lead to illness, it saps energy and vitality and diminishes quality of life. As a result, healthy people have much to gain from reducing oxidative stress. This is prevention at its best.”

- Rowena Gates, Co-Founder of the NanoVi

Let’s face the facts: oxidative stress is not going away - at least not as long as we are alive and breathing oxygen for fuel.

But how can we minimize it and thus maximize our potential for a healthy and enjoyable life?

Yes, good nutrition and a balanced, stress-free (or relatively lower-stress) lifestyle helps. The body also has a whole orchestra of protein activity to repair the oxidative damage that can not be prevented. Now, what if you could upgrade those processes? I’m talking about levelling-up those exact protein activities, to improve cellular activities including the repair of oxidative stress damage.

Meet NanoVi - it’s a superhero device that does that just that.

I connected with Rowena Gates*, Co-Founder of this innovate technology and the transformational product called NanoVi - a true leader in the longevity tech space. *Surprise surprise: a referral from good old Dave Asprey

“We [Hans Eng and Rowena Gates] first visited Dave Asprey at his lab north of Victoria. By then he was a keen NanoVi user and wanted to record a podcast on the technology. Dave’s lab is the ultimate playground for anyone looking for the latest innovations in wellness technology. It was a great day and Dave is every bit as sharp and engaging as he seems in his presentations and interviews.

Dave suggested that NanoVi be incorporated in Bulletproof Labs, his showcase of technologies in Santa Monica. It was not long before Labs was due to launch but the people running it were keen on the impact NanoVi had on various staff members, so they adopted it in time for the launch early last fall. Bulletproof Labs has a terrific staff. It was fun to bring them up to speed on NanoVi and exhibit in the Labs section at the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena.”

Naturally, I needed to try this miracle bio-hacking tool for myself, so I visited a very progressive Naturopathic Doctor I know, who’s practice is heavily influenced by the German Biological Medicine concept based on the understanding that in a healthy terrain, disease cannot flourish.

This ND purchased the NanoVi for her clinic after years of hands-on practice additional studies in Germany as well as a visit to Dr. Rau’s clinic in Switzerland where she dived deeper in exploring cutting edge technologies for those suffering from life-threatening diseases. The NanoVi was a clear “winner” and arguably one of her favourite discoveries.


Her excitement for this device comes across beautifully in her sharing of patient success stories...

"Almost everyone notices increased energy and better sleep, even after only one treatment." 

"Improved memory is common, and we have had autistic children increase their number of words."

"The reason I was drawn to the NanoVi is the studies showing decreased double stranded DNA breaks and less down time for athletes. The NanoVi helps repair damage, and this was beautiful demonstrated in one elderly patient who had experienced a stroke and had lost the ability to write, as well as many of her words.  After a few treatments, she regained her words as well as her ability to write, and knew when she needed another treatment as those abilities again become difficult. She ended up buying her own machine so I haven’t seen her in a few years."

Now to take things up a notch, I hope you can walk away understanding the following:

The ND explains that oxidative stress damages the mitochondria, resulting in less ATP production; meaning you have less energy overall for your body to perform critical functions, including healing and repair.     

Now the thing I find most exciting about the NanoVi is that it’s for...EVERYONE.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey: YOU get oxidative stress, YOU get oxidative stress, YOU YOU and YOU! WE ALL DO! Except it’s not a shiny new car or another one of her favourite’s the fundamental cause of all age-related disease. The idea of not only slowing it down, but literally speeding up the repair of cells - with absolute ZERO negative side-effects, is something to jump up and down about in my books.

I tested it out for myself and the “process” was dare I say: anticlimactic to say the simply breathe in what seems to be air. Still, simplicity isn’t something to turn our noses at right? I’ll be the first to admit that if there isn’t pain or strain or otherwise discomfort involved, there’s a piece of me that believes there’s no way it will “work”.

Maybe it’s time we shifted our thinking.

“Just because it’s common [i.e. loss in memory, strength, sight, etc.] as we age, does NOT mean it’s normal.”

Our world and the technologies brilliant entrepreneurs are bringing to life take the concept of health and longevity to whole new heights, and make me ever more excited for the future - specifically in health tech.

Now no blog post is worth reading without an actionable and applicable takeaway, so don’t worry - I have some of those in-store for you up next…

First things first, if you’re willing to invest in a NanoVi for yourself and your loved ones for use in your own home (*EPIC - ADDING TO MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST AND PAYING FOR A MIRACLE AS I WRITE THIS!!!*), it is best to contact Eng3 directly either through the form at the web site or calling +1 206 525-0227. That will direct you with someone who can walk you through all the logistics re pricing and information about purchasing a NanoVi.

Now a slightly more accessible option: There are a number of centres where you can try NanoVi in the Toronto area, the Eng3 website also has a locator tool that lets you look for a location near you.

This Naturopathic Doctor's TOP 3 TIPS for living your healthiest, best life ever*.

1. Acid Base Balance.

This means giving your body the resources to maintain a good pH balance, so that it has the tools and processes to buffer in the good and the bad times.

MYTH BUSTING TIME: She clarifies that this does NOT mean “making your body [or blood] alkaline” - that is indeed a sales and marketing gimmick used by over-expensive water companies and extravagant green powder concoctions want us to believe...and while it feels good, it’s simply not possible.

So what’s a guy or gal who wants the perfect PH balance to do?! Personally, I’ve started off with BASENTABS pH-balance from PASCOE® which is super duper exciting but a topic for a whole new post in its own right - so if you’d like the details on that do your research or feel free to reach out and I’ll share my own journey and what I’m learning and experiencing thus far as a rebuild the balance of my system! Exciting stuff!

2. Minimize Inflammation.

Almost all chronic degenerative disease is in an acidic, inflammatory environment.  When the body is inflamed, the immune system is stimulated. Over stimulation of the immune system creates an imbalance, the body become ‘stuck’ and we find ourselves facing a slew of health problems. 

A flexible immune system is key.

3. Restore Mental Health.

Needless to say, I couldn’t agree more with this one! A healthy body is only possible with a healthy, happy mind.

What’s this doctor's secret to success in this department? Project happiness.

Love it - but to be fair...I think I’d be capable of projecting just that bit more of happiness if I had access to a NanoVi on the daily ;)


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