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This is The Convenience Store For Health Nuts

This is The Convenience Store For Health Nuts

by Kiki Athanas

June 18, 2018


This is The Convenience Store For Health Nuts

by Kiki Athanas

June 18, 2018

This is The Convenience Store For Health Nuts

What if you didn't have to settle for that "I think it’s better for me option," the next time you find yourself at a convenience store?

Imagine walking into a "convenience store" filled with ONLY mission‑driven products that are not only delicious, but also better for you and the environment.

As the annoying health-nut on the road trip - this idea sends a sense of excitement and relief through my bones!

And guess what? It's REAL. THE REAL DEAL.

Welcome to The Goods Mart - brought to life by Rachel Krupa, who is a total boss babe and fellow crystal lover after my own heart.

"I follow the guidance of my gut, and it takes me a minute to really let my personality shine when I meet someone new (hence right now). I’m a crystal lover - I will always, always have a crystal on me. Plus, it’s really tough for me to turn down a vegan/gluten-free pastry, even though I’m not vegan!"

Rachel opened The Goods Mart to be a place filled with upgrades to typical convenience store staples.

Finally, a world where better‑for‑you options are easily accessible.

I reached out to Rachel to hear a little more about her experiences with starting this epic venture - and learn a bit about how we can all do our part as she's demonstrated so perfectly.

Now it's important to note that The Goods Mart isn't your standard highly-curated and super swanky shop - I mean, it's all those things, but it's also NOT one thing in particular: EXPENSIVE. Instead, it's actually a convenience store you can afford to shop at, while also treating you & the planet right.

How is this even possible?!

Rachel admits it can be a struggle, but finds ways to be creative. 

"There are so many amazing products available today, so availability is not tough, but finding better-for-you products that range in price is the toughest part of curation. The two biggest decision makers after ingredient quality are taste and price. Ugly fruit has been plentiful - and more purveyors should stock it!"

But there must still be particular issues - especially when the standards for products are set so high, right? Rachel shares that they face many of the same challenges other stores do such as inventory management, sourcing, and onboarding talent.

"However, a unique challenge we have taken on is minimizing plastics and using compostable products throughout our drinks, including our coffees, slushies, and cold brew. So, we’re still on the lookout for the ever-elusive compostable lid for cold drinks!"

"Our customers love to try new things, are eager to know more about our products, and are really down with giving back! And everyone - kids and adults alike - LOVES SLUSHIES and most have never had an organic, it’s a mind blowing revamp from youth."

Now the real question on everyone's mind: Who would Rachel really love to invite to her shop?!

"I’d love to sit on our patio with President & Michelle Obama, Alice Waters, and Jamie Oliver to chat food policy…and if Oprah wanted to join, I would be down for some super soul inspiration about food!"

Sounds like the perfect sunshine & organic slushie filled chit chat if you ask me.

Finally, the main take-away I'd like everyone reading this to walk-away with. I asked Rachel for the ONE THING we can all do NOW to start shopping smarter & more consciously.

"The easiest thing to do is to put down the plastic beverage bottle; this will make a HUGE impact on our environment — and the time is just now arriving where we see the true fallout from our plastics use."


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