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Upgrade your energy balls with CHAGA [Recipe]

Upgrade your energy balls with CHAGA [Recipe]

by Kiki Athanas

March 07, 2017


Upgrade your energy balls with CHAGA [Recipe]

by Kiki Athanas

March 07, 2017

Upgrade your energy balls with CHAGA [Recipe]

Energy balls. Protein bites. Nut bars.

We've seen, heard, and tasted it ALL before. In fact, if I get offered one more recipe on "no-bake energy balls" as if it's some new and exciting creation, I may just lose the will to live.

BUT WAIT - enter...MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS. Mhhmmmm. Now we're talking something different. In fact, I can already hear David Avocado Wolfe's overly used "BEST EVER" phrase repeating in my head. And I'm alllll about it.

You will be too, after you read this FAB recipe - upgrading your "energy balls" into to something a whole lot more nutritious, longevity-promoting, immunity-boosting, adrenal-supporting, and anti-cancer. Yup, not even being dramatic. One bite and you're god. Okay, now I'm being overly dramatic - but you get the point...these little nuggets of glory are HEAVEN ON HEALTH.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Almond Pulp

Almond Pulp Infused with chaga mushrooms. How you ask?! Soak your almonds in cooled chaga tea (overnight), rinse well in the morning, and then blend with some more fresh cooled chaga tea, and strain through a nut-milk bag. You'll have DELICIOUS chaga-almond milk (um, yum - you're welcome), as well as the PULP - that's what we're going to use here folks!

2. Chaga-Prash

If you haven't heard of Lee's Ghee. First off - I'm sorry for your loss. Second, get yourself acquainted.

The newest addition to the Lee's Provisions line is this truly delightful herbal jam, made with only the finest Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients such as ghee, raw honey, amla, ashwagandha, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, black pepper, rose petals, and vanilla bean.


Jam just got herbal. And it rocks.

This sweetens up the Chaga balls, and makes them more chaga-fied (VERY important).

3. Tahini

I like tahini. That is all. No long-winded story about how it's healthier than every other kind of seed or nut butter will follow.


Actually, come to think of it...yes there is! Seeds generally carry more nutrition and less fat versus nuts, so they are a good thing to opt for if you're watching your weight (#summeriscoming). With that said, tahini is still pretty rich in fat. Perhaps opt for pumpkin seed butter if you want to be super nit-picky. 

But really, any nut or seed butter will work just dandy here. I happened to have leftover tahini from making Sarah Britton's Roasted Sesame Avocado Cream from her new Cookbook, Naturally Nourished. She has a way with dips...

4. Rose Petals

These gorgeous petals are rich in vitamin C, and even contain decongestant antioxidant properties to aid digestion. On a less awkward and slightly sexier note; rose is SENSUAL and a classic aphrodisiac - evoking the spirit of loveeee in the mind, body, and spirit. Also, they are pretty. Euphoria meets Instagram-worthy. Yes please.

5. Raw Honey

I used buckwheat. Mainly because my dear mumsie bought it the last time I took her to a famers' market, and quickly re-gifted it to me - claiming that it tastes "absolutely atrocious". Got to love an over-dramatic British mother.

I hear great things about Manuka honey too, so if you're down to splurge, might as well opt for that goodness. 

Anddd that's it, that's all, folks! Mix it all up (you don't even need a food processor!) and roll them up into balls. You can freeze these mini bundles of joy and pop them out the next time you want to impress your guests, have a quickie pre- or post-yoga snack, or, if you're like me - impress your BFF when you have a work date at the library. 

They will be high on life. Just kidding - on shrooms (but not the scary kind...the HOLISTIC HEALTHY KIND #yay).


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