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What is Squalane Good For?

What is Squalane Good For?

by Kiki Athanas

July 02, 2018


What is Squalane Good For?

by Kiki Athanas

July 02, 2018

What is Squalane Good For?

An oil that has zero greasiness, is non-comedogenic (i.e. won't cause blocked pores), AND is better at accelerating cell turnover than Jojoba as well as Argan oil?

Yup, it's a thing, and it's officially my new favourite oil - and it should be yours too.

Meet: Squalane.

Totally safe for acne-prone skin, totally great for anti-aging benefits. Talk about a win-win!

Think of it like re-charging and naturally boosting what your skin already does - because that's exactly how it works. See, we produce a type of squalane, but the amount tends to decrease as we age — that's why our skin is often naturally soft to the touch when we're young, but as we get older...well, things dry up! 

So if you could simply top-up what's on it's way down - wouldn't you?! Yes. Your answer should most definitely be yes.

Hence, adding squalane into your skincare regime is a safe and effective way to provide your skin with the luxurious soft-as-a-baby's-bum (you get the idea...) moisture - without the possible pore-clogging side-effects of other oils like coconut or cocoa butter (rich but dangerous - especially if you're prone to break-outs!).

Squalane isn't just for those of us worried about aging, wrinkly skin though - it's a safe bet for restoring the natural balance of just about any skin type, and I myself have replaced it with jojoba for a wonderful cleanser (yes, it easily rids even the most water-proof of mascaras!) as well as a moisturizer.

[PS: If you haven't yet treated yourself to the gift of oil cleansing - what are you waiting for?! It's the perfect way to get a deep-down clean whilst restoring and nourishing your skin all at the same time. #MultitaskingWin].

This is all starting to sound pretty darn perfect, isn't it?


Squalane has tended to be harvested from shark livers—which has a devastating environmental impact and is just plain mean. BUT: good news! You don't have to avoid it altogether, you just have to find a sustainable plant-based source.

In fact, the industry has recently shifted away from expensive (& detrimental) animal squalane and towards kinder and more sustainable plant-based alternatives - don't worry: they work just as well!

One of the most luxurious varieties is that derived from olive oil (and if you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE olive oil!). 

A good clean + pure product to start with (and how myself jumped on the Squalane train) is Indie Lee's 100% Olive Derived Squalane Oil, which you can pick-up (or order online via the Mindfully Exponential Shop) from The Detox Market.

Since the product above by Indie Lee is just pure and simple 100% squalane, it makes it a versatile staple in your toiletries cupboard - as mentioned, I use mine both as a cleanser AND a moisturizer.

I've also tried their Squalane facial cream which I've found to be a slightly lighter blend perfect for summer when the potency of the pure oil isn't as necessary.

If you're willing to fork out a chunk of change for an even more luxurious blend - with squalane as the star ingredient, complemented with incredibly nourishing extracts and oils, like my all-time favourite (PERFECT for soothing and conditioning troubled, acne-prone skin): Blue Tansy! You can level-up to Herbviore's Lapis Facial Oil.

This one could technicalllllllly also be used as a cleansing oil, but I'd prefer not to wash all my mula away and keep it specifically for treating my skin to extra gorgeous nourishment after cleansing.

So there you have it! Squalane is trendy for good reason - it's an oil that your skin knows exactly what to do with, and is the perfect conditioning treatment for all skin types (especially great for problematic skin) and all ages (in particular being extremely anti-aging).

While jojoba is a solid starting point and can be used just as described above, it doesn't have the same potency when it comes to accelerating cell turnover, and hence if you can make the investment - I'd definitely say opting for Squalane is a worthwhile upgrade! 

P.S. I mentioned Squalane in past posts:


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