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You Are Everything You Need - Here’s How To Get It.

You Are Everything You Need - Here’s How To Get It.

by Kiki Athanas

September 10, 2018


You Are Everything You Need - Here’s How To Get It.

by Kiki Athanas

September 10, 2018

You Are Everything You Need - Here’s How To Get It.

For those of you looking to elevate your wellness and tap into a higher level of living, there is no greater or more versatile tool than Aura-Soma.

After years of being intrigued by the products and services they offer, I’ll admit - I never quite “got it”. I knew it was something extraordinary, and different from anything else out there. It felt oddly familiar, perfectly normal, and entirely necessary. I desperately wanted to grasp what Aura-Soma really was, so that I could explain to people how it all worked and why I am so drawn to it.

Unfortunately, I found it impossible to articulate what is even was, and why you should care.

Now allow me to assume that you’ve likely felt - at least at times - that there must be a better way to live. You know you deserve a richer and more fulfilled life, and perhaps you’ve already taken some steps in pursuit of this. Whether it’s practicing yoga, exploring a meditation practice, improving your nutritional habits, becoming a more mindful “green” shopper - or whatever other self-care and self-development you may engage in.

Exploring this “wellness world”, you may have felt a yearning to better yourself from the inside out. That, in itself, is a beautiful thing - lean into it, because trust me, it’s a special feeling and moment - think of it as the seed that you can transform into a blossoming new elevated life for yourself.

Here’s where I’d like to introduce you to Aura-Soma, because it’s really only there for you if and when you’re ready.

“It’s a consciousness tool,” says Chairman of Aura-Soma Products Limited, Mike Booth, who I had the honour of sitting down with as he shared the story of meeting Vicky Wall and how this all came to be.

Mike was able to clarify to me just what Aura-Soma is, and wasn’t shy to state what it isn’t.

See, I thought of it all as a ‘medicine’, or ‘therapy’ or even ‘healing’, but - although Mike isn’t against whatever you’d like to label it for yourself - it’s really a system that helps us get into the consciousness space.

When I first sat down with Mike, I shared my own journey in health and wellness - starting from a place of bettering myself with nutrition and fitness, down a path to restriction and obsession - to finally finding love and acceptance for myself, and trust in what is and what will be. I explained to Mike that the extreme ‘health quest’ that I had sought out on, ended up bringing me back to myself in the end. That’s where the work, the healing - and the magic, really happens.

That’s also where Aura-Soma comes beautifully into play. To me, it’s not only a consciousness tool, but furthermore an empowerment tool - giving you the pure and raw data on your unique essence. This knowledge and awareness is only part of what the system provides - it also offers you the ability to give yourself exactly what it is you need.

What is it, you ask?

Hint: You have everything you need. You are the only one who can heal yourself.

See, it might sound strange, but Aura-Soma products LITERALLY allow you to give yourself back to yourself.

Talk about a worthy

Allow Mike to explain, in the following transcript from our interview:

“Everything is consciousness-based. Our attitude, our care for what we put into the body is really foremost and uttermost consciousness. Aura-Soma is a tool to help those who want to get into the consciousness awareness that makes a difference in the way in which they go about every aspect of their life, including their input in relation to food, their input in relation to to perception, their input in relation to impressions - all of the different ways we take in energy and food and its different levels and different forms is something that is colour related. That colour relationship when you bring it into awareness - the consciousness that’s behind that - isn’t just a physical thing, it is consciousness itself, expressing itself.

One of the key phrases within Aura-Soma that’s been there from the beginning is; ‘You are the colours you choose.’ In other words, there’s no separation between the consciousness that you have and the bottles that you choose. So when we come to that understanding and that point of view, and we begin to see what it is that’s happening, then there’s a secondary part which is ‘And these reflect your being’s needs’. In other words, we not only see what we are, we also see what it is that we need - because, you can’t use up what you’re not, you can only use up what you are.

So, if your consciousness is a blue-pink, what happens is that you’re more likely to use up more of the blue and more of the pink. It’s like an energy system in relation to the endocrine system that’s identifying itself and prioritizing itself so then if the herbs and the plants that are related to that blue-pink and the crystal energies that are related to that blue-pink are given to the body through direct application, then what actually happens is that we are literally giving ourselves back to ourselves. Recharging our batteries, recharging the endocrine system, with what it is that it’s being depleted of, because that’s what we are - because, we are the colours we choose.”

Wow, right? Yeah, pretty epic.

As I shared earlier, I’ve been on a ‘health-nut’ adventure for years - enthusiastically searching far and wide for the next best “wellness” thing. Whether it’s the crème de la crème in green beauty, holistic nutrition, or even a digital meditation app - it’s led me to a vast array of incredibly transformational and valuable products and services, all with inspirational founders behind them.

This, though, is uniquely different.

Aura-Soma isn’t selling you something, it’s selling you YOU.

And it’s for that very reason that I want to scream and shout and share it from the rooftops - because it resonates with my deep inner knowing that we all have the answers to our own health & happiness within us.

It’s time you take charge of you - after all, you’re the best one fit for the job.

Empower yourself by giving yourself back to yourself through colour, plant & crystal energies. Aura-Soma is a system that makes that possible.

Personal side note: I’m currently working with one of my chosen Equilibrium bottles as well as a Pomander, Quintessence & Crystal Essence - feel free to follow along on my Instagram, @mindfullyexponential, where I’ll be sharing updates on how I’m using the system and the outcomes I receive.



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