The Mindfully Exponential Essentials Kit

The Mindfully Exponential Essentials Kit


The Package to Wellness Elevation.

What is it?

A physical kit sent direct to your door, including 4 handpicked, heavily researched & tested wellness items. Plus, all packages include unlimited full month membership to the newest mindful studio in Toronto + personalized nutrition analysis from an invite-only digital health & fitness app powered by your genetic code.


So that you can finally cut-through the wellness noise, and get straight to what’s actually worth your time and money. I’ve done the due-diligence so that you don’t have to. Top-quality and extremely hard to source items that I’ve discovered in my journey testing a variety of longevity enhancements - from progressive tech to spiritual crystal healing. This isn’t your average “goodie bag”, this package holds items that have the power to elevate your wellness in the following ways:

  • Boost your energy and digestion

  • Reduce brain fog and anxiety

  • Increase athletic performance and stamina

  • Heal, clear and nourish your skin naturally

  • Reduce stress & bring abundance into your life with crystals

  • Eat according to your unique genetic code

  • Practice mindful movement, stillness & wellness in a supportive community studio

There is one special pick from each Mindful element:

  • Exponential (invite to an exclusive online app including personalized nutrition guidance based on your DNA)

  • Edible (the best ever detoxification supplement - not otherwise available in Canada)

  • Strong (a secret longevity and performance enhancer)

  • Clean (a skincare ingredient beneficial for all skin types and that is truly multi-purpose)

  • Spiritual (a specially designed crystal set with full-sized palm stones for amplified healing work)

  • Attending (1 month unlimited access to the newest Mindful Studio opening in Toronto)

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BONUS: Access to an exclusive series of videos explaining exactly HOW to use each element - including private interviews with experts revealing well-kept wellness secrets you can leverage for optimal healing.


Shipping is fast and free (2-3 days across the GTA). Limited quantities available.


Price: $135 (value of goods included exceeds $300)

*Note: this is a one-time purchase*