Deux Magazine: Kimchi : It's a Gut Feeling
Koreans are on to something, and the world has finally caught-on.
Koreans’ tend to have remarkable good health, noticeably great skin, and increased immunity to diseases. Is it because it is a country that scores high on the Happiness Index? Perhaps the truth is in the pudding…and in this case… a side-dish called Kimchi. And let me tell you, they have it as a side to just about EVERY dish.
In case you’re not up to date when it comes to worldly cuisine, let me bring you up to speed: Kimchi is a fermented vegetable mixture consisting mainly of Napa cabbage, complemented by other tasty ingredients like daikon radish, carrots, green onions, garlic, ginger, chilli flakes, and fish sauce. Its vegan version (i.e. without the fish sauce) has recently gained popularity - to no surprise, as folks obviously want in on this probiotic goodness too.

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Kiki Athanassoulias