AYO Headband

AYO Headband

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Boost your energy

Forget about energy drinks and power naps.
Take a 20-minute “power boost” instead!

AYO can help you feel more energetic
whenever you need it, so you can get
the most out of your day.


Sleep better

Forget about sleep problems, snoozing
or tumbling in bed.

AYO can help you easily improve your
sleep quality and habits and make you
ready to welcome the new day.

Adjust to
shift work

No more daytime fatigue, irritability and
sleep problems caused by rotating shifts!

AYO can help you adjust your body clock
to your work schedule, so you can stay
awake or fall asleep whenever needed.

Lift your mood

No more downshifts in mood and
energy caused by lack of sunlight.

AYO light therapy wearable can help
you get in charge of your mood and
improve the quality of your life.

Travel jet lag free

No more sleepless nights, dozing off in ,
meetings, stress or other jet lag symptoms.

AYO can help you readjust to a new time
zone up to 3 times faster, so you can
get the most out of your trip.

The most
light therapy

AYO wearable is fully controlled by
the AYO App with smart programs for
Energy, Sleep and Travel.

Imagine having
your own personal

that helps you enhance your energy levels and
adjust your body rhythm to your lifestyle!