The Official Sign Summer is Over: Porridge > Smoothie.

Anyone who knows me knows I totally ride the smoothie bandwagon - and I'm proud of it! Whether it's in a drinking glass or 'nice-cream' bowl form...if it's frozen, raw, and topped with cacao nibs - I'm all about it.

Sure, my neighbours might not be the biggest fan of me pulling out my uncomfortably loud blender each and every morning, but we all have our sacred morning regimes, and this is mine. And I'm not kidding about the "sacred" part either. I will bring my hand-blender with me on trips if I must...

While I'd like to claim I switch it up - in the morning, I simply do NOT. Essentially, the exact same ingredients go into my glass each and every morning - same portions, same toppings, same old song my friends. Why fix it if it isn't broken?

This week, a sad truth hit: It's starting to get frigid out there, and the heating in my building is less than stellar...

Perhaps, I'm coming to a time, where indeed, my smoothie...dare I say...might not be the best fit.

Wow, that was painful to say.

On a separate note, I've been reading up on the Ayurvedic diet lately, and apparently, considering my "dosha", I should actually be waking up to a warming meal - rather than a frozen smoothie. Hmmm...interesting.

Well, while I refuse to succumb to boring oatmeal, I have been trying my hand at slightly more fabulous porridge creations. I'm surprised and delighted to say it's been a total hit! From raw sprouted buckwheat groats to teff porridge that takes the idea of plain old cornmeal to a whole new epic level. I've gone ahead and curated a recipe collection of my favourites so far, to hopefully inspire you to switch up your morning routine with these soothing and comforting bowls that will have you excited to get out of bed - I promise!