Herbal Jam? I'm into it.

Jam is not usually considered a "health food"...only perhaps by those unfortunate souls who think that just because something has fruit in it - it's automatically deemed "nutritious". God I wish that was the case.

Before I go into a rant on THAT topic (I'll save that for another rainy day)...I'd like to introduce you to a jam quite unlike any other, and you're bound to love it - health nut or not.

It's a jam that's filled with healthy fats, medicinal mushrooms, spices, and oh yeah - absolutely no strawberries. I swear - it's still considered a jam. Without further ado...let me present you to the next best thing since sliced bread...which you can spread on sliced bread, or your gluten-free raw cracker - whatever!

To no surprise, it comes from the one and only Toronto-based supplier of certified organic infused-ghee - Lee (Lee's Ghee...just to be clear)! This new addition to the Lee's Provisions line of ghee-focused pantry essentials goes by the name "Chaga-Prash" - a "chaga-fied" version of traditional Ayurvedic chyawanprash. An ancient herbal remedy perfect for this time of the year, with its energizing and immunity-boosting properties. Indian gooseberry is usually the sole "star" ingredient in this potent tonic, but Chaga-Pash features none other than the incredibly delicious and rich GHEE as front and centre! 

It may not be a typical jam...but it's still got some sweetness thanks to the raw honey. No processed sugar or pectic needed, thank you very much!

For those of you who are interested in the full run-down of exactly what's in this heavenly jar - here's the ingredient list:

It's not everyday that you come across a jar packed with THAT many perfectly wonderful ingredients...and not a single one to turn your nose up at. 

Now I know what you're thinking: how do I eat this stuff?! Because obviously you're going to want to figure that out first.

Well, you can use it just like jam - spreading it on toast, mixing it up in oatmeal or yogurt...but what you might not think of right away is adding it to tea or coffee or warm milk. Better yet, take it on it's own - it's a health tonic all by itself!

If you'd like to get a little more creative, might I suggest incorporating it into my Ayurvedic Protein Bar recipe below...