Warming Smoothies for Frigid Winter Days

There is no meal more glorious than that of a smoothie bowl - a frozen treat that I still preach as just as fitting for well into the icy depths of December.

The key to keeping smoothies tempting during this season (yes, even in Canadian winter) is adding a "kick" - what I like to call a "fiery" element to these otherwise chilly bowls...

My top 3 "spicy" additions - which also just so happen to boast loads of health benefits - include:

·       Turmeric: this spice is finally getting the attention it deserves thanks to every Insta-famous health-nut's new found obsession with golden milk tea. Whatever the case or the cause, turmeric is a seriously powerful nutritional supplement. It is strongly anti-inflammatory, it helps retain the beta-carotene in certain foods (i.e. the smoothie recipes I share in this post - YAY!), and furthermore it aids in cognitive functioning and even supports healthy blood sugar balance. 

·       Cinnamon*: also anti-inflammatory, as well as loaded with antioxidants, and helps to lower blood sugar levels (and thus another great addition to smoothie bowls in particular, as they are generally higher in sugar - although natural). *It is important to consume only "true" or Ceylon cinnamon - rather than the cheaper Cassia kind (often sold in grocery stores). Cassia cinnamon can actually do more harm than good, due to some dangerous compounds it contains, which can reek havoc with our liver. 

·       Ginger: another powerful health food, commonly used as a spice - most of us are familiar with ginger as a digestive aid, but it is actually so much more. Once again, the benefits root back to the anti-inflammatory properties involved, and it has proven to help reduce joint and muscle pain (hint hint: add it to your post-workout smoothie bowl!). Similar to the spices discussed above, it also makes the perfect addition to a meal that's on the sweeter side...as is it known to reduce blood sugar levels.

Now, what makes smoothie bowls even more of a treat on a freezing cold day? They can (mentally) transport you to a beach.

That's right. Introducing...the 'Anti-Inflammation Tropics Bowl':

 Click for recipe.

Click for recipe.

And if you desire more of a citrus vibe - a grapefruit base is where it's at:

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Click for recipe.

Who needs Cuba? 

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