SuperHuman Strength: It's natural, effective & refreshingly NOT intimidating (+ makes a mean orangesicle smoothie --> recipe included!)


Are you intimidated or just downright turned-off by all of the aggressively masculine and dare I say "ugh...trashy looking" protein powders on the market these days? You're not alone. Dominic is totally picking up what you're putting down, and that's why he's launched a protein powder company with a whole new "feel". Designed to attract the eyes of women, hold the attention of health-nuts, and yet powerful enough to fuel NHL teams and professional athletes all over Canada and the US.

Meet SuperHuman Strength.


I sat down with Dominic Mazzone, the founder and charming serial entrepreneur behind the business, to get his thoughts on all things protein powder - from what, why, when and how.

The Story...

Initially developed by an NHL strength coach, complemented by the expertise of a functional medicine doctor and a naturopathic doctor - it was rebranded and launched by Dominic and his partners, who, beyond being incredibly business-savvy, made a point to make sure it tasted...actually great ("even the vegan kind!").


Real ingredients, tried and tested, that will make you feel good, & fuel effective fitness activity. Best of all, it will NOT hurt your stomach - unlike many other lower-quality protein powders on the market can...and will, especially over the long-term. 

Let's channel our inner fitness nerd: Pre Vs. Post-Workout --> What's the Ideal Protocol?


Dominic's Go-To Smoothie Recipe

Remember when you were a kid and Orangesicles were like...your go-to?! (Or yesterday #nojudgement). Try 'adulting up' with this recipe instead - Dominic swears it tastes (almost) the exact same! Weird, but true.

Making Smart Purchase Decisions

Dominic warns us all as consumers that what's allowed on the market these little tragic (my words - not his, but I believe we'd agree on the overall point). So what are we to do? Who are we to trust? Thankfully, there are a few helpful checks you can do to ensure you're buying high-quality and tested products:


Yes, SuperHuman Strength meets all of the above and much more - and I can officially give it my thumbs up on the vegan protein taste-test, a surprising but welcome delight! If you'd like to try any of their products for yourself (personally, I'm investing in their Restore blend to fuel my Friday HIIT + Resistance training sessions), I've landed us a super deal: use promo code ME10 for 10% site-wide!