The BEST EVER Holiday Gift Guide


What makes it the best ever? Fab question - I'm glad you asked.

The following is NOT a curation of the trendiest, most popular, aesthetically pleasing items that deserve their place on Instagram but dare I say: NO WHERE ELSE. Nope, I'm not going to mention that balsam fir & cedar scented soy-based candle, or that overpriced BPA-free water bottle. 

Why? Because you're likely already capable of browsing your local gift shop with all of those pretty (questionably affordable) things that we all want (but no one needs).

Oh, and I'm not going to mention the word "Instapot", which officially deems the following gift guide progressively unique (we are all capable of placing an Amazon order - let's get a bit more creative with our gift giving!). 

Instead, I'm about to highlight what will get you THANKED - like that genuine EYES-LIGHT-UP look when your gift is opened, and then a phone call the week after reporting all of the fabulous instances and experiences they've shared with this epic thing you've graced them with.

Isn't that what the holiday season is all about? Making yourself feel better by pretending to be generous? Exactly.

Each of the listed items below have received 'WOW' attention from friends and family within my circle over the past few years of gift exchange and/or have been thoughtfully gifted to me.

If you're going to spend your time and energy lovingly going to the trouble of finding something "just right" for that INCREDIBLY special person in your life, I bet you any money you'll be able to find it in this list...


I was first introduced to these in a yoga class led by Bryonie Wise and let me tell you - within just a few seconds of these gorgeous chimes playing right up close to your head, you become a total believer in "sound therapy".

A great gift for all ages - my friend who is a primary school teacher uses them to calm her students. Don't feel the need to present them like a hokey-pokey "sound healing" instrument - they're stunningly looking and sounding chimes. Their magic will be revealed by the received soon enough.



This is the most luxurious natural skincare brand money can buy. For an indulgent gift to grace someone's face, the Cleansing Oil DeMaq made with this UK company's trademark biodynamic Spelt Oil is my top pick for all skin types. For oily skin, just use it as a eye-makeup remover or even as an under-eye serum and/or night treatment in the winter. For mature or drier skin, you can essentially use it as everything: face wash + moisturizer.

*Note that it's technically sold as a cleanser, but trust me - it's EVERYTHING.

AEOS products are truly made with love and intention - I have visited their factory in Tetford, England first-hand, and am so passionate about spreading the love for this epically intune brand.


For a more "miscellaneous" gift that you can basically gift to just about anyone and enhance their health (seriously) - Beekeeper's Naturals Brain Fuel is a vile of magic potion that will have your friend (or person you don't even really know - i.e. secret santa gift-giving anxiety be gone!) supercharged and super-fuelled up for whatever life throws at them (you wouldn't know anyways). What I love about this "superfood" concoction is that it's ACTUALLY POTENT. I have spoken with the founders first-hand and they are the hands-down some of the smartest and most sincere people I have ever met - yay for young Canadian entrepreneurs!

 This one is my personal favourite - the Unicorn. 

This one is my personal favourite - the Unicorn. 

Angel inspired bracelets made with love and intention. WARNING: don't just give these powerful beads to anyone - choose carefulllllly. This isn't jewelry, this is a blend of healing crystals you can wear while providing the bonus of being incredibly gorgeous and fashionable. Whenever I meet someone EXTRA special who I want to send my true inner deep love and gratitude towards, I contact Karen Oliver, the founder, and coordinate a shipment of a bracelet that will properly serve and suit them. These beads are near and dear to me - you'll know if you've ever met me, I wear at least 3 bracelets wherever I go. I like the angels with me always.


The yogi in your life (we all have one) will appreciate this. Actually, it will make them the coolest yogi at their studio - and that's a gift that just keeps on giving.


6. Head Strong

You know that person who bitches about wanting to "get healthy" - and then bails on your nature hike because they're suddenly (conveniently) "feeling sick" this morning? Those buggars...

You've got 2 options: 1. invade their home, do a pantry overhaul and stock up with some mighty fine nutritional staples + enrol them to their local yoga studio.

OR, 2. the less expensive and slightly less controlling option: buy them Dave Asprey's book and let him do all the convincing they need to activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and think faster - in 2 weeks or less.


7. Aakasha

Truth be told: I'm tempted to NOT share this fab under-the-radar brand from's sort of my new-found fashion secret.

Until now: BOOM - you can now embody those delightfully gothic-looking European models you see on Instagram.

...or just buy your friend THIS SWEATER and they can pretend like they've moved to Berlin and all that cool stuff kids are doing these days. 


8. Dr. Mercola's Air Purifier

What's better than clean air? Exactly. This is the final gift on the list...for when you're channeling your inner #BigSpender and just want to feel like the most appreciated fairy godmother of all time. The room air purifier is a good option for all of us who live in Toronto who can't afford to live in more than a single room anyways!

So go ahead, make someone's holiday worth bragging about.