5 Quick & Easy (Cheap or Free) Ways to Upgrade + "Detox" Your Life (Without Green Juice - Although That Still Rocks)

The idea of "detoxing" has become extremely popular these days, and it seems we all can't get enough of the latest and greatest "cleanse" to rid ourselves of the bad and bring in the good - especially perfect in the wake of spring. 

Inspired by Meghan Telphner's and Josh Gitalis's Healthy At Home course, a few killer informative and always entertaining The Ultimate Health Podcast sessions, wisdom shared by Emma Rohmann from Green At Home, and most recently from attending the Detox Your Life panel at the Green Living Show 2017, I have realized that it's not just about how you eat...toxins are creeping up ALLLL around us in many ways, shapes, and forms and BOOM - you need to rid yourself of this toxic crap. Literally. 

Now I'm all about taking crazy over-the-top strides in order to become the epitome of a superhuman...but other people may not necessarily have that same calling, and like to maintain a thing often referred to as "balance". So, for all you weirdos out there who don't respond with "what kind" if offered salt, or who simply bite into a dish without first pre-assessing and over-analyzing every single ingredient that may or may not be present within it - here are my top 5 quick and easy ways to detox. No excuses style!


Replace basically every single weird overly-specific cleaning concoction of chemicals with...get ready for it: baking soda, vinegar, and this one is KEY so take note - water. You'd be surprised with just how well these cheap and simple ingredients make your countertops shine - all without the headache or slowly killing your pets. It's a miracle!

2. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF (Just kidding I'm not actually crazy) 

Turn your iPhone on Night Shift mode. To dumb it down (because I can't be bothered to research the electronic and scientific depths of the matter): it stops your phone from omitting the bright blue light when it's actually dark outside...you know, in the real world. This helps you sleep better. Better sleep = happier ("detoxed") you. BAM!

3. HOLD IT AWAY FROM YOUR HEAD (Don't be rude) 

This one again relates to your phone: keep it at a safe and healthy distance. SUPERRRRR difficult I know, but let's try using speakerphone as much as possible without pissing off everyone around us (more than usual). I invite you to set yourself the goal of making 2 of your calls this week that you would have regularly done holding the phone right up to your head like a self-inflicting KILLA, to instead turn that volume UP and SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD (all conversation long).


Upgrade your water. This tip is less specific because it really does fall on a continuum or "spectrum" of sorts as to exactly how drastically you're willing to "step it up" when it comes to what you drink. The main thing to keep in mind: your body is your filter, and if you don't filter your water, guess what your body becomes? The filter. This is bad. Filter your water as much as you can - my good friend Mario from Sparked Magazine recommends the Big Berkey for this. I recommend acting on every last word preached by David Wolfe and drinking spring water as much as you can (or 100%, as he insists). And guess what? Thanks to the power of the internet, you can find a spring on FindASpring.com - go figures!


Put down the toilet seat after you flush. This one is for all of you sickos who don't. It's just gross. Moreover, there's all this evidence and boring nitty gritty research and evidence as to why you ought to do it. I say if you need to read it to believe it (or just do it), then I wish you well but my expectations for you have been officially reduced to nil.

And that's it! Seems a little dull, doesn't it? Where is the liquid cayenne? The hot yoga? The silent retreat spiritual healing recommendation?!?!? I kept it simple so you can keep it DOABLE.

So go do it. Now.