The GOOPIEST Beauty Food

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What's one of the most UNDER-rated "superfoods"? One that actually doesn't get enough hype? Two words: Aloe Vera.

Or, as my dear fam in the UK would say: "Allo Vera!" (Like they're saying "Hello" to someone named Vera...listen, it's funny when they do it - okay?!).

To launch this new "initiative" I'm doing (& calling it an initiative to make me seem extra legit), Kiki's Mystic Pick of the Week, I've decided to start with one of my favourite ever long-chain polysaccharides and a super Ormus antioxidant - 'cause, duh!

Okay let me break it down for you...

What is Aloe Vera?

A succulent (god that word never gets old...) that is grown and cultivated for it's fleshy gel for food, beverages, and supplements.

It's got a crazy good totally Kiki-approved health rating too! Here's why:

  • David Wolfe refers to aloe vera as a “super Ormus antioxidant” so it has the ability to push and drive everything off of your connective tissue and your skin cells – i.e. the PERFECT detox supplement.

  • It's soft jelling compounds make it a "demulcent" and thus it heals your epithelial cells - i.e. all your cells on the inside of your body that cover all your internal digestive organs and all the skin on the outside of your body. This goop is like heaven for your cells inside-out.

  • It's a great source of polysaccharides, so long chain sugars which are essential sugars, specifically "glyconutrients" which are sugars that HEAL. Sugar is no longer the bane of your existence --> it's the answer to your health and happiness. BAM you didn't see that coming! PS in simple terms: it helps balance your blood sugar levels as our body burns these sugars slowwwwllyyyyyyyyy (and this is a good thing).

What do I do with it?

You can do literally everything with these succulent pieces of goodness. Drink the aloe juice plain or add it to a morning smoothie - it's actually the secret ingredient to making your morning cleanse drink actuallllllly drinkable (more on that "cleanse" in another post coming soon).

Make homemade nut mylk? UPGRADE your mylk by blended your soaked & sprouted nut of choice with ALOE VERA JUICE instead of regular (spring I hope?!) water. Aloe-infused walnut mlyk anyone? 

Also, if you grow your own, you can simply whip one of those bad boys open (the stem, I mean) and rub that on your seriously, no need for some extravaggent DIY beauty recipe here - GET GOOPY AND GET BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

Now if you're a total holistic health warrior and are growing and harvesting your own, here's how to get out the flesh: you need to FILLET it (because it is just THAT divine). Cut it down on one side, and then cut that into 2 more manageable pieces, and then take the FLAT side - come in on that flat side and then swing around and come down on the curved side, digging in and pulling out the entire chunk of gel that goes in. I learned by watch David Wolfe do it. There is no other greater vision.

Where do I find it?

For GTA folks: I was BLESSED to come across the fresh fleshy chunks at Nature's Emporium, but I know they also sell the juice (although not fresh...bummer) at any regular old health food store.

My tip? Invest like $10 and pick up a plant the next time you go grocery shopping (or hit up a garden centre, but any large grocery should have it in their plant section...I love that section) - fresh is best!