On Wednesdays We Eat Pink Oatmeal (with Roasted Bananas)

Oatmeal can be boring - but nonetheless necessary.

As Director of Community at Meal Garden, I recently noticed that a heck of a lot of our new "mom" users were scheduling oatmeal for breakfast on their meal plan, so I felt called to do something oat-inspired. At the same time, I knew pleasing the “mom community” wasn’t easy, so I teamed up with the perfect expert – Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy, to create a recipe for the masses (or my friends + any moms Amanda can convince to have faith in my sometimes over-the-top meal concoctions).

[Side note: this gave Amanda and I the excuse to visit Nature’s Emporium…which is basically heaven for your typical health-nut foodie such as myself.]

So, without further ado…let’s get oatey!

A quick and easy breakfast, and dare I say - a perfectly suitable lunch or dinner. Warming and soothing on a frigid winter day, or prepped ahead and served with fresh or frozen berries as a summer treat - oatmeal is likely one of the most versatile no-fail foods out there. I’d like to hype it up further by declaring that oats really are one of those underrated SUPERFOODS that you can easily find at any basic grocery store.

“I thought superfoods had to be expensive, green, and come in fancy glass jars?”

Think again my friends!

Why oats deserve the superfood (“Kiki-Approved”) health check:

Basically, there is a reason porridge is a pantry staple in every household.

Unfortunately, oatmeal gets a bit of a bad rap - it sorta looks like slop, after all.

In an effort to turn oatmeal into something fabulous, since it really does deserve to be served with some extravagance and respect → introducing: Pink Oatmeal with Roasted Bananas.

I’ve added a few mega-health-boosters, just incase an already healthy breakfast isn’t incredible enough to fuel you for the morning - this will do it.

High on pink oatmeal. It’s a thing.


  • Rich in antioxidants and a great source of fiber - I used ground tigernuts (i.e. flour) to add a natural sweetness as well as to bulk up the porridge. It also adds a prebiotic element to the meal, as tigernuts work to fuel the positive gut bacteria that keep your entire digestive system running smoothly → hello, talk about the perfect start to your day!


  • Not only do pureed beets turn this bowl into a stunning pink beauty, they are filled with nitrates, which the body process into nitric oxide - relaxing and dilating blood vessels. In simple terms, this means better circulation, and possibly lower blood pressure. Beets are my pre-workout go-to - and now you know the science behind it.

Camu Camu Berry Powder

Roasted Bananas

  • Roasting bananas - i.e. literally popping them into the oven with the peels on - softens them up and releases this delightful smokey banana goodness that will make you wonder why you’ve never thought of this genius hack before...

Cacao Nibs

Hemp Seeds

  • Rich in beneficial omega fatty acids and is a complete protein - why would you NOT top your dish with these little hearts of gold?!

Chia Seeds

So say goodbye to boring porridge and say “Please Sir, I want some more…” of that good old Pink Oatmeal with Roasted Bananas.

 Click for recipe in Meal Garden

Click for recipe in Meal Garden