FREEBIE ALERT: Those Weeds Are Totally Edible (& Nutritiously Glorious!)

Well isn't life just dandy when you can go "shopping" for healthy things - and it's free and unlimited.

It's like Whole Foods minus the guilt.

I'M BEING SERIOUS PEOPLE! The answer? Dandelions.

 mindfulness, weeds, plants, freebie, organic

mindfulness, weeds, plants, freebie, organic

The season is officially here! Dandelions flower most abundantly in spring (although they can re-flower in the fall, too), and the best part is they spread like WEEDS. Perhaps because they are weeds...but this doesn't make them any less valuable to our health, wealth and vitality. Here's why:


  • YOUR NEW FAVOURITE DIGESTIVE ELIXIR: The flowers are high in vitamin C (clue: they are YELLOW!) as well as powerful antioxidants. Steep them in ACV for an even more digestive supporting tonic which you can add to water and sip on all day long for a happy gut and hence healthy brain and beautiful LIFE. I was passed along this recipe by the incredible Kat Gibson, founder of Lady Gaia
    • Note that I take 2 tbsp of ACV before bedtime each night as it helps to reduce fasting glucose levels, but it's also recommended to take prior to meals. If you aren't weird like me and actually enjoy the taste of vinegar - add it to water and sip on it throughout the day...still lots of digestive and cleansing benefits, enjoy!


  • THE NEXT BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD (& BY SLICED BREAD OBVIOUSLY I MEAN ZUCCHINI NOODLES): Move over zucchini noodles and kelp noodles and any of those other trendy things that aren't actually noodles...we've got another fabulous fake addition to the mix: DANDYNOODLES (I just made up that name, so stay tuned as it'll be viral soonsies). That's right my friends, ain't no spiralizer or other expensive household kitchen gadgets are needed to turn those liver-cleansing stems into some truly almost (but not really) spaghetti like dish. The sap of the dandelion stems help to filter and detoxify our blood are highly alkaline too, so this makes for a heavenly nutritious bowl of goodness! 

Dandy Pasta

My friend Adelaide [who never fails to mock my obsession for #cleaneating] cooked (boiled) the stems into "noodles" and added olive oil, parmesan & tomatoes. 

She suggests pan frying them though, as they thinks boiling them made them too "wet".

  • SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR EXPENSIVE CAFFEINE ADDICTION AND HELLO TO DANDY BLEND: I'm not a coffee snob, but I do enjoy a steamed little something-something with a good old homemade vegan tigernut carob 4-berry muffin (I'm only human!). Unfortunately, coffee is acidic, and - especially on an empty stomach - can lead to bloating and gas and...ew. This remarkably brilliant Dandy Blend beverage, on the other hand, is 100% caffeine-free, has zero bitterness and is acid free. Also I think it tastes delicious - especially when you UPGRADE it with superfood powders such as shilajit, mucuna, and maca...oh my goodness this is EVERYTHING. Pro-tip: If you're in the GTA area, the cheapest place I've found Dandy Blend is at the Dupont restaurant location of Live Raw Organic Food Bar. 

But how EXACTLY does one go about "foraging" for this precious gold?

Probably best to pick it from somewhere relatively "remote" or where you can be sured it hasn't been sprayed or excessively (slash at all) stepped on, pooped on (by animals that is, I hope), etc. etc. use your common sense. Also wash it...I'm a fan of wild food but assuming you're in similar circumstances to me and consider "the booneys" 30 minutes (in traffic) North of Toronto, you're still not in the clear, so be careful!

But most of all: EMBRACE THE FREE GIFTS OF THE EARTH (did I mention they're FREE?!)