Jade Rolling: What Is It & How To Do It

It's hard to keep up with all the pretty things on Instagram, but this rubbing crystals on your face thing, is one to watch.

Jade Rolling is a practice from Ancient Chinese Medicine, and uses slight pressure to help sweep away toxins and aids in the balancing of excess fluid in the tissue (or as Genevieve expertly refers to it as - lymphatic drainage).

This was just 1 of the many tips and tricks I learned when I sat down with my friend Genevieve to learn exactly what all the fuss is about. Gen is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and founder of KIKAN BLVD. - a modern holistic lifestyle brand dedicated to helping you find optimal health + wellness. 

Everything Gen graces her delightful presence with and/or creates also just so happens to be aesthetically pleasing (I'm talking serious Insta goals), and so she was the perfect person to get the full scoop on this new trendy beauty regime from.

What is Jade Rolling?

  • Involves gliding a healing semi-precious chilled stone (Jade - but Gen mentions that it can be done with other stones too, and furthermore her's wasn't even real...but still does the trick) to boost circulation, de-puff the eyes, and improve skin elasticity.

  • Think of it sort of like those weird massages you can get to help reduce cellulite (am I the only one who knows about these?!) - except way less Vegas and way more Venice Beach.

  • Some of the benefits include a more even complexion, reduced puffiness (especially around the eyes), and a more "lifted" facial structure overall.

Where to Get a Jade Roller

  • Apparently Gen picked hers up in Toronto's Chinatown for less than $10! (Again, it's likely not reallllll - but still does the trick).

  • You can also order them online - I found this one which seems legit enough for any of you crystal snobs (the best kind of snobs btw!).

How to Jade Roll

  • It's the perfect way to start your day! Gen spends a few minutes each morning (while sipping on her lemon water - fresh from the Springs I would imagine!) gently gliding her refrigerated jade roller throughout her dry and clean (no make-up) face first thing.

  • Depending on what issues you're working with (or against), you can spend more time on certain areas. For instance, if you're experiencing congestion from seasonal allergies or even just a cold, jade rolling while focusing on your nasal area can really help with relief and give you that "ahaaaaa I can breatheeeeee" feeling. For puffiness around the eyes (you know, after a long night of...yoga, vegan baking, etc. etc.), simply roll the jade around your upper cheekbones and under your eyes (in an upward manner - think lifting rather than pulling...) for a brightening and smoothing effect. Jade is officially the new cucumber. Don't have any issues?! No worries! (Literally). You can still reap the benefits of jade rolling for a toned and even complexion while also firming up and tightening the overall structure of your face - who doesn't want that?

  • While I'd like to believe ALLLLL of the hype around Jade rolling, and certainly trust that Gen's own positive results with it could also work for me - I still think it's important to mention that along with any DIY and more "natural" beauty regime, consistency and intention is key. Make a positive habit out of it, and take the time and space to remember why you're doing it in the first place - practicing self-care is of utmost importance these days with our hectic "always-on" busy lives. Incorporating this into your beauty regime is a nice little reminder that you're worthy of a bit of extra TLC - if you're face just so happens to become #nofilter worthy as a result of it, well then I see that as a bonus!

  • Pro-tip: I suggest incorporating oils (I love Living Libation's Seabuckthorn oil for this) and even face masks into your experimentation with your new crystal gadget!