Restaurant Confidential: Your Guide to Living Well While Working in the Service Industry

Meet Laura: Savvy wellpreneur by day, upscale bartender by night.

Ever since the age of 11-years old, Laura Benson has been fascinated by the complexity of the human body, and in particular - the relationship between nutrition and wellness and how certain lifestyle diseases can be avoided. 

Her interest in health and nutrition lead her to complete a 4-year Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food Science. After that, she began to explore the field of holistic and integrative approaches to healing, which lead her to earn her designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). 

Throughout her post secondary education, Laura supported by herself working in the restaurant industry where she experienced the fast-paced, highly stressful, yet exciting work of slinging drinks as a bartender.

Needless to say, the long-term impact of late nights, inconsistent hours, endless hours on her feet, and the social temptations of alcohol started to catch up with her.

“I have always been a health conscious individual, doing my best to feed myself nutritious wholesome foods. The lifestyle associated with working in the restaurant industry starts to wear you down if your not mindful with adequate self care - physically and mentally.  
I remember feeling chronically exhausted and anxious, and once bothersome digestive issues started to present itself, I knew I had to make some changes in order to continue to feel my best so I could perform the way I wanted too”.

Laura made a few simple changes to her current lifestyle and finally began to feel like herself again - energized, grounded, happy and with a clear mind.    

Introducing the Restaurant Confidential

As a Holistic Nutritionist, Laura loves any opportunity to educate and mentor individuals on making healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices. She wanted to use her personal experience and knowledge to connect with others and help them to make improvements towards a healthier balanced life.   

“The restaurant industry is such a dynamic, lively, & charismatic environment, but it’s also extremely demanding, stressful, and exhausting. Nutrition and self-care are cornerstones of health if you want to preserve your body and prevent long-term health issues. The restaurant industry demands a lot from the body and the mind, so it’s important to refuel in order to return to work day in and day out.”

Laura created Restaurant Confidential as a place where people can access information and support that can help them make healthier - yet easy, choices. 

The Simple Truth

One of the most appealing aspects of Restaurant Confidential is that it focuses on simple changes individuals can do to improve their health. 

“A few small changes made on a daily basis can have a powerful impact”.

What I admire about Laura's approach is that she understands the lifestyle, and offers advice that's truly realistic and yet completely health supportive.

“Social drinking is a huge element to this life; it would be unrealistic for me to assume people would eliminate their after work beverage just because I said alcohol is “bad” for you. Offering advice on how to restore the body after drinking is more effective”. 

The goal for Restaurant Confidential is to provide people with small digestible (no pun intended!) bits of health and wellness advice that will be both physically and mentally restorative. It is not about drastic changes or "dieting" - its more about what can be added into your current lifestyle (which she totally gets!) to help you live better. 

I think the following sentence sums up her program perfectly:

Live the life you're living - only better.