Top 8 Wellness Apps For The Most Nourishing Summer Ever

Summer is the perfect time to immerse yourself in good health - from sungazing, to grounding yourself by ditching your sandals and going barefoot to truly connect with Mother Earth, wild foraging and spring water hunting, etc. etc.

For those of you who just rolled your eyes at all of the above, but are still down for a bit of digital assistance for the most blissful and healthy summer ever - read on to get the 8 apps you need to download NOW for a truly wonderful season ahead...

1. Planning those nourishing potluck and cottage meals: Meal Garden 

This digital recipe app makes it super simple to find wholefood meals that suit your own custom dietary concerns and goals. Pin them to your calendar, get your grocery list done for you, and spend less time thinking about your meals and more time enjoying them - picnic-style! 

2. Don’t let the sun drain your brain: Elevate

Stay sharp, build confidence, and boost productivity. Brain training personalized for you. Sure, summer is a time for relaxation, but challenging your brain and staying dialed in means you’re going to keep those glorious beach memories long into your future - this app has loads of variety, and the great thing about it is that it advances in difficulty as you get more familiar, so you’ll never get “too good”.

3. For when that beach pic isn’t quite #nofilter worthy: VSCO

We all love to take pictures - generally even more so in the summer, when we’re actually out doing fun, picturesque things! And for those times when you want to share those moments with truly Instagrammable posts, VSCO has all the right filters and settings to turn your quick snaps into truly award-worthy photography. 

4. Yoga in the park: YogaGlo 

Sure, reading a book or enjoying an ice-cream on a blanket under the trees is nice, but how about incorporating a little bit of movement - or even some meditation - into your nature regime? Bring your mobile phone or tablet the next time you head to the park, and you’re basically inviting your very own yoga teacher along with you for your own special session in the fresh air! YogaGlo has countless level, styles, and and lengths of yoga sequences - even better, it’s all for the price of a single class you’d otherwise pay at a studio (which is likely indoors and not as cool).

5. Shop and Eat Local: Farmstand

It’s the perfect time of the year to try that 100-mile diet you’ve been meaning to commit to, as there’s practically a farmers market going on everyday - it’s just about finding them. That’s where Farmstand comes in and makes it’s easy as pie. Quickly find your closest market, including access to market open times, directions, and photos from other market goers. No matter where you are, this app makes it easy to eat local, so grab your reusable shopping bag/basket and let’s get farmers market hunting!

6. Hop on your bike and take the scenic route: CycleMap

For those of us looking to ditch the TTC - or even better, our cars - for the summer, CycleMap is your one-stop app for finding a route. Mount it on your bike and ride safe. This is the tool you need to discover the world riding your bike. 

7. Finding your green thumb: Gardroid

Is this the summer you finally grow your dream garden? The answer is YES! With Gardroid you can harvest your own vegetables and enjoy a kitchen garden - the one you’ve always wanted but have felt way too intimidated to ever start. It’s all about knowing the right sowing and harvesting periods, helpful tips for taking care of different plants, and of course - pop all relevant notifications and necessary reminders right into your calendar so you’re all set up for success.

8. For the avid adventurer: SAS Survival Guide

Whether you’re stuck on a mountain, stranded with no water, need to get warm and build a fire - this app is your definitive guide to surviving any situation, anywhere in the world. In case you’re looking to indulge in some seriously risk yet rewarding and fun naturesque adventures this summer, just make sure you have this downloaded on your phone beforehand (okay, or at least get the book).

Am I missing something? Likely.

So go ahead and let me know what app YOU intend to lean on this summer <3