Here's Why Goji Berries Are ACTUALLY Worth The Hype...

I love indulging in superfoods that no one else knows about. Truth is, I feel extra special when I Instagram my food and I get comments like "what the heck is that"!? Reishi mushroom, longan berries, black lava salt - duh!

Thank the wonderful souls at Alternative Thinking for always stocking these magical ingredients, that gem of a place is your one-stop shop for all things SUPERFOODS. Now I'm talking the kind hella underground superfoods, like the ones only your crazily-amazing half-witch, half-herbalist, full-time wild-forager aunt knows about. That's why I roll my eyes when I see that Alternative Thinking also sells...goji berries.

Woah, disappointingly mainstream, I thought to myself. Everyone already knows goji berries are a "healthy superfood".


Luckily, I have my sweet Organic Fusion Cafe chef friend, Arielle, to bring me back to earth. She has single-handedly convinced me that goji berries are indeed STILL WORTH THE PRESS!

Instead of list off the boring old nutritional benefits you've heard about these little fruity friends in the past, I'm going to present you with the...


  • They are extremely rich in lycopene - one of the world's most powerful antioxidant. It’s a tremendous protector of the DNA. It’s also able to signal our cells to stop random replication. Basically, it has a cancer-fighting, or cancer-preventative effect (David Wolfe Nutrition Certification). You thought blueberries were cool, pfffttt #StepItUpANotch

  • While they're a fruit, they will NOT spike your blood sugars - but rather will actually help to do the exact opposite, thanks to their high % of polysaccharides (very complex long chain sugars) which help to stabilize blood sugar levels and fuel you throughout the day! Talk about smart snacking.

  • They are a perfect ingredient to add to a CLEANSE or DETOX. Hells YASSSSS people: I just told you to include fruit in your cleanse regime (that like, never happens - #AllGreenOnlyGreenJuicePlease). Why?! Well, they have actually been found to protect the liver by being damaged by toxic substances - this resulted in decreased liver enzymes (which are bad) and increased liver tissue antioxidant activities (this is good). So like more yay less nay in your liver. YAY!