Move Over Maple Syrup, There's a New Superfood Sap in Town

Just maybe not exactly in my town, and probably not in yours either - but this medicinal substance cultivated exclusively from the Greek island of Chios, is definitely one of those healthy secrets you've likely never heard of.

UNTIL NOW - BOOM! Allow me to introduce you to "mastic".

Mystical, magical, MASTIC.

Let's jump right into why the heck you're gonna mission it to the Danforth ("Greek town"?) as soon as you discover what this beautiful sap is all about:


So how exactly are you going to get a piece of this goodness for yourself you ask?!

K, here's the dealio - I've found that you can get it in a couple of different ("Kiki-approved") forms:

So there you have it, another long lost superfood to get on your radar - and perhaps inspire your next vacation to the Greek Islands?

P.S. I've (almost) got my hands on another luxurious Greek superfood and I will HOPEFULLY have the opportunity to share the offering with all you mighty fine health nuts out there...stay tuned for online store updates later this summer! Xo