"Healthy" Sea Salt: Should You Really Be Drinking It?!

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So while most people view salt as "bad"...recently, it's become seen as a true "health food" - if it's the right kind.

Pink salt, or Himalayan salt, is supposedly the REAL salt our bodies need, and we shouldn't shy away from it - or at least that's what holistic health advocates are saying these days. I also follow David Wolfe and he raves about New Zealand salt and black lava salt.

Who doesn't love a good salty dish?! Yup, I was all aboard jumping on this healthy bandwagon - no questions asked!

But then things got a little less clear and a little more weird.

Salt water cleanses or "flushes" have started popping up in my news feed, and "Salty Lemonade" was being served at wellness gatherings I attend, and now it seems everyone in the more "alternative" health space is not only okay with salt...they're saying you shouldn't drink water without it!

Okay, I'm super down to only buy the finest and purest of "living" salts available (seriously, that's what Amazon is for after all), but adding it to my water? That seems a bit extreme - and I'm sure I get enough sodium from my meals, no?

I was torn as to whether or not to follow this new health fad wholeheartedly, or, well - listen to my heart (slash brain?) and get some scientific-backing before I go drinking the sea.

*Alright I'll be honest, I started drinking sea salt in my water and the taste was beyond tragic - I just wanted someone to tell me this health trend was complete garbage.

That's where Sophie Ash from On Your Plate Inc. came in handy...

So quit pretending like you like enjoy the taste of liquid kelp and drink this post-workout elixir instead!

Want to read Sophie's in-depth article? Of course you do - go here.