The 7 Day Health Hack Challenge

Brought to you by yours truly + Dr. Salna Smith of Kale & Coffee.

It all starts on Monday August 14th so don't delay claiming your spot!

Want to feel better without a total lifestyle overhaul? How about a few quick and easy "hacks" that you can implement NOW.

We don't want to overwhelm you, and in spirit of keeping things totally doable, you'll be delivered a single strategy each day that you can implement THAT SAME DAY in order to start feeling better so that you can manifest a whole new better you by the end of the week.

Just think, this time NEXT week, you may very well feel like that annoying healthy friend you roll your eyes at!

P.S. Dr. Salna and I totes want to become famous (okay, maybe it's just me) - so we're asking you to SHARE your experiences throughout the week. Please document & photograph your journey and don't forget to hashtag #HealthHackChallenge and tag @kiki.athanas and