The Recipe Everyone is Asking For: Matcha Maca Brain Fuel


Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to seriously smooth sipping with this revitalizing smoothie to make that never-ending work project or study sesh a little less painful...

Last night I hosted a workshop at Calii Love with friends at Saje Natural Wellness and served up this elixir goodness to match theme of focus: FOCU!. Yup, we were chatting all about alertness & concentration, and this is what this beautiful drink is all about!

Here's why:

  • Healthy Ketogenic fat from the Brain Octane Oil (otherwise known as caprylic acid) --> Fuel the brain can use instant energy without the need for carbs from glucose or sugar.
  • Clean caffeine from Matcha --> Amino acid L-Theanine enhances calm + aids in the production of dopamine and serotonin (YASSS to a better mood and boosted concentration).
  • Adaptogenic Maca powder --> Finally, food as smart as you are - maca powder is an adaptogen that literally adapts to the stressors in your body, working with you to provide you with the energy to move through stress however and whenever it arises. 

To my delightful surprise, this particular recipe went down an absolute treat, and I was overwhelmed with requests to provide the specific concoction deats...

Without further ado: