Health Hack Challenge Day 1: BODY HACK --> Nutrition --> Eat "Keto-ish"

Yippie - it's day 1 of changing your life by hardly changing your life (seriously).

Let's jump right into things with the BODY HACK element of this one week series: Nutrition! We all know how important food is, and it also just so happens to be my favourite topic (like, ever), so it makes sense that I chose to start with Dr. Salna's dietary recommendations.

In the spirit of keeping things SIMPLE, we're not about to instruct you to go on some extreme "cut-this sub-that" weird diet that will have all your friends uninviting you to their dinner parties.

Rather, we say: eat keto-ISH!

That "ish" part is super key. The keto diet can be quite extreme and should only really be followed under medical supervision. Just because all of those trending #keto food posts on Instagram are popping up in your mobile feed, it does NAWT mean you should be blindly following a new dietary protocol.

Instead, you should listen to Naturopath Dr. Salna Smith - at least if you're a high-thriving professional who wants to feel AWESOME all day long and then TIRED at the end of it all, so that you actually sleep through the night. You are what you eat, and here's how she breaks it down - easy peasy:

The basic premise here is to keep the diet SIMPLE:

  • High healthy fats that provide ketones which fuel our brain (read: increased energy and focus),
  • moderate clean protein (to sustain our energy by balancing blood sugar)
  • low carb (to optimize our stress balancing hormone cortisol) .

This is all in conjunction with a plant based (fruit and veg) diet. In essence you then create a body whose brain is fuelled by ketones and cells that are fuelled by a phytonutrient rich diet.

*Warning: expect abundant amounts of energy and focus. BOOM!

Here are some recipes to get you off the ground running (perhaps literally).

Give it a go and see you tomoz for day 2!

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