Health Hack Challenge Day 2: BODY HACK --> Nutrition --> Carb Cycling

Alright, yesterday we explained the gist of what should be on your plate - now let's get a bit more into the nitty gritty of things...


Don't worry: you won't have to eat by the clock - we're all about eating mindfully and intuitively. So, incase it isn't obvious: just eat good whole foods when you're hungry.

BUT that's not our tip of the day (although in today's hyper-stressed mentality around food and dieting - it's certainly a good one!).

What we're showcasing today are the benefits of...


Not the extreme 'eat carbs some days and want to kill yourself on the other day' regime, but rather a scientifically driven way to balance your hormones for optimal performance and less stress throughout the day - in particular for us "always-on" high-thriving professionals! Even more specifically: women! (Although men can also benefit from spreading out their carbs throughout the day in the fashion we're about to explore...)

Here's the ideal carb set-up for a fully fab day:

  • Starting your day with 0-1/4 cup carbs,
  • having ½ cup at lunch, and
  • ¾ cup at dinner

Are you noticing a trend here? It doesn't take a math genius to figure out that the idea is to essentially increase complex carbs throughout the day. This is designed to support optimal higher cortisol in the morning and works with our cortisol rhythm throughout the day to gently encourage lower cortisol levels and enhanced melatonin/serotonin production at night.


"Cycling" your carbs in this way leads to high energy and focus in the morning with effortless sleep patterns at night for a restful nights sleep and even more energy to start your day.

Just to make it super simple for you to try TODAY (like I'm talking, right now), Salna and I have put together this brief little recipe collection of a sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also includes a fun sweet ending dessert as well as Salna's best kept secret (her Nourish Dust!) + the Chaga Frappe I designed for a workshop we hosted at Calii Love a few weeks back on this very topic.

Enjoy the goodness of eating and feeling great my lovelies!

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