Health Hack Challenge Day 4: MIND HACK --> Sleep: E-fast.

We all know how important sleep is, and sometimes a camomile tea before bed just doesn't cut it for getting in some good shut-eye.

Ideally, you should give yourself adequate time to truly "wind down" and that might mean meditating, having a nice long bath with epson salts and your favourite essential oils, doing some restorative yoga poses like legs up the wall while lying in bed, or listening to soft music and burning some sage and palo santo.

If you live in the good old real world though, what I just described had you rolling your eyes or packing your bags up in search of life's purpose somewhere far far away from here.

Today's Day 4 of the Health Hack Challenge, and I'm suggesting nothing of the sort. Salna and I promised to keep things simple and doable - so that you'd actually do them. Hence, no lengthy & expensive self-care sacred ritual instructions are what follows (although we're all about being advocates for self-care!).

Instead: go on an electronic fast ("e-fast") before bed.

That means 30 minutes of screen-free time before you go to sleep.

Salna addresses the harmful affects that those double-taps are having on your health:

Specifically social media (ie IG ‘highlight’ reels) create a decrease in our sense of self-worth AND physiologically decrease serotonin (our happy hormone) which in turn decreases dopamine (our motivation hormone) leaving your waking the following day feeling  a lesser version of yourself and less motivated to accomplish your goals.

"But I'm too busy/important not to check my emails right up until the moment I shut my eyes!"

No, you're not. With that said, I get it...

  • IF you have to utilize the screen in the evening, install e.flux on your phone/computer OR wear Blue Blockers to block the blue light that decreases melatonin production and impedes sleep.

I downloaded e.flux FREE here, and it makes me feel that much less annoyed at myself if I do get the urge to answer that very last email of the if I really must. 

Time to enjoy the benefits of a realllllll good night's rest!

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