Health Hack Challenge Day 7: SOUL HACK --> Shinrin-Yoku: The Art of Forest Bathing

Today, in the final day of the one week health hack series, we're asking you to GET LOST! 

Specifically, in nature - without Instagram or your Fitbit or even music. Just you, totally immersed in the abundance of the wilderness, without any purpose or goals. This means no exercising or picnics or anything else that might bring about the slightest of "reasons" for being there beyond, well, just - being there. 

The term ‘anti restoration syndrome’ was coined recently as our type A society devalues rest and relaxation as a means to optimize health and decrease stress.


Shinrin-Yoku (the art of forest bathing) 

  • A Japanese term that describes being in nature amongst the trees. No hiking, yoga, trail running. Just quiet emersion in the natural elements (feeling the breeze, hearing the leaves moving and birds calling).


Just 30 min of Shinrin Yoku has been shown to decrease cortisol by 25% for up to a month! Lower cortisol = better management of stress = higher energy and a sense of calm focus = WINNING!

*Bonus suggestion: Do it BAREFOOTED! 

Also known as "earthing", grounding yourself (literally) is not just for high-vibe hippies - it's a science-backed way to draw electrons from the earth to improve your health. Studies have shown that the benefits include reduced pain and inflammation in the body, improved skin conductivity, stabilization of heart rate variability, an improvement in glucose regulation, and can even reduce stress and boost your immunity (research study here)

So if you want to take it up a notch - take off your shoes too.

Okay I know I said no Insta...but when you're DONE with all that forest bathing therapy, there's no harm in snapping a quick scenic shot and hashtagging #HealthHackChallenge and tagging @kiki.athanas + please and thank youuuu! 

So BOOM - Kiki & Salna's Health Hack Challenge is officially over and out! How'd it go for you? Would loveeee to know which "hacks" were your favourites and which were the most challenging for you - but you're committed to giving a go anyways ;)

For those of you who know of a loved one that might benefit from this One Week Health Hack Challenge, please feel free to pass along the invite with this link (also via the button below).