Health Hack Challenge Day 3: BODY HACK --> Movement --> HIIT

In the spirit of keeping things easy peasy, I'm about to sound like one of those weirdly entertaining shopping channel infomercials: "12 minutes is all you need for that killer bod you've always dream of"!

Okay, let's maybe take out the "that killer bod you've always dream of" and replace it with "a fully functional body that's optimized for a full and healthy life - whatever life throws it's way".

Might not roll off the tongue quiteeeee as nicely, but I think you get the point. 

We are made to MOVE.

Over 90% of our brain stimulation comes from spinal nerve stimulation – this is why stretching/yoga in the morning is so helpful to start the day ‘on the right foot’  - they are global movements of the spine.

With HIIT, the excuse of ‘I don’t have time to exercise’ is negated.

Easy to implement, HIIT can be completed in as little as 12 min and is excellent for neurogenesis (brain optimization through neural circuitry rewiring) which is essential for brain adaptability and optimizing learning and execution of tasks at work and home.

How exactly, you ask?

That's what friends from California, like my dear fitness guru Sandra Augustin is for! I reached out to her for a quick and dirty at-home regime we can all feel good about (or at least, FEEL). Here's what she suggests:

25 of each of the following; repeat 5 times:

  • Jumping jacks 60% maximal effort (ME) 
  • PUSH-UPS70% ME
  • TUCK JUMPS 100% ME ("hundo P" as Kiki would say)
  • Sit ups 60% ME
  • Plunges 70% ME
  • Burpee's 100% ME

Just incase you're more of a visual learner - or need a bit more direction in order to get your but kicked, watch this.

*Bonus suggestions from Sandra:

Enjoy the goodness of shaking that tail feather folks (not even embarrassed for saying that, it's a great expression and always will be).

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