Health Hack Challenge Day 5: MIND HACK --> Spinal Health: Hydrotherapy.

Okay another mind hack for you today...and this one might seem a bit, well - HARSH.

I'm a total baby when it comes to cold. I'm always freezing. Where the average person is sweating like a pig, I've probably just reached a comfortable temperature. Any who, I'm prefacing today's health hack with this because I want to prove that if I can do it - SO CAN YOU!

There's nothing better than a nice warm bath, but that's not what we're after today. Instead, a FREEZING COLD SHOWER is what's going to give you that morning boost of vitality!

Here's why:

Finishing your shower with 1 minute cold along the spinal column works to stimulate the spine and in turn, wakes up the mind for optimal focus and concentration.

So relax, it's not the wholeeeeeeee shower - you can totally enjoy the washing your hair part and all that jazz at a regular temperature. But as soon as you're done, YOU'RE JUST ABOUT TO BEGIN THE THERAPY PART:

  • Keep the water as cold as you can stand and cover the spine from the skull to the sacrum. For an added immune boost, allow the cold water to cover your collarbone, armpits, groin and backs of knees to stimulate lymphatic flow.

And BOOM! You're ready to kill the day (in a good way of course).

On a personal note, I attended a homeopathy medicine workshop a few weeks back and the professor explained that homeopathy consisted of 3 key elements:

  1. Minimum dose
  2. Like cures like
  3. The indwelling spirit

In this particular case, I'd like to direct our attention to #2 --> the idea that you shouldn't OPPOSE the condition, but rather provide it with something most similar to it. So, taking this logic to cold showers - you're really just forcing the body to "rise to the occasion"! We need to fix ourselves internally - using our own resources. Ideally you're challenging yourself to become stronger (not weaker).

I'm not making this up people. The homeopathic remedy to cold feet would be to go out in the snow and take a nice stroll - without your shoes.

Okay, it's time to rise to the occasion health-hacking friends - turn that dial as cold as you can stand least for that essential last minute!

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