DIY Flower Wall Hanging --> A Dreamcatcher Meets Tapestry

Get your eyes ready for the best ever home decor piece, like - ever.

Anddddd you haven't even seen the best part yet - the stick:

Okay, incase you're not already freaking out - here's the beauty all in one shot:

Now I'm about to really blow your mind: YOU CAN MAKE THIS YOURSELF. Ohhhh yasssss - I just went there!

While I would love to take credit for the above piece of artistic genius, all credit goes to a lovely woman, Jenn, I met a few months back. We connected over Kijiji, where I reached out to her with a request for a specially formulated dream know - like you do! Check out her Instagram @stixandfeathers and Facebook

Jenn focuses mainly on dream catchers, but after coming across way too many gorgeous hanging plant creations on Pinterest, I got her on the case to create for me something truly spectacular - and needless to say she did not disappoint...

Now if you're up for giving it a go yourself, here's what you'll need:

  • A stick or log (or a long thin piece of driftwood - head to the beach to hunt for this little treasure)
  • Fisherman string
  • Thin rope (for hanging the entire piece - or just use more fisherman string)
  • Dried or fake flowers (I picked up a few bundles from Michaels craft store, but you could also easily dry your own - perhaps lavender for a scented hanging!)
  • A hot glue gun (& glue - duh!)
  • Scissors

The process itself is quite simple - although understandably timely! 

  1. Measure + cut however many strings you plan to use.
  2. Tie each string to the stick (Jenn spaced them out about 1-2 inches apart).
  3. Glue flower pieces to the strings (let your creativity run wild here - you be the judge!).
  4. Tie the rope (or fisherman string) to the entire stick arrangement to be hung and admired by all!

Orrrrr you can be a total cop-out like me, and just get the wonderful Jenn to make something beyond your wildest dreams for you! Contact her on Instagram @stixandfeathers, her FB page or email her at - she ships worldwide (and trust me whatever you dream up will cost you a lot less vs. whatever less magnificent version you find on Etsy).