Colonics: Yay or Nay?!

Let's face it, the idea of flushing your body of toxins and being able to hit the "Reset" button when it comes to your gut sounds pretty appealing. (Okay, at least to me...)

But colonics are NOT always painted to be such a pretty picture.

Dangerous, unhealthy, unsafe, and totally ridiculous are words that come to mind - at least if you follow the dramarama over these somewhat alternative holistic healing procedures.

I wanted to get the no BS scoop from a digestive health expert and Holistic Nutritionist, so I sat down with Laura De Sanctis from Go With Your Gut to address the top 3 reasons why they're hated on (...& why this expert says you might want to get one anyways).

So there you have it, not something to run from like the plague, but maybe don't schedule an appointment unless you ACTUALLY have some digestive issues you're working to heal in the first place. It can be a wonderful solution to a frustrating and discomforting concern, but if you don't HAVE that issue in the first place, but vote is to skip it!