How to Bust Stress + Fuel Up On Pudding Effectively.


This past week I joined my friends at Calii Love + our amazing mindful partners at Saje Natural Wellness to host an evening intended to reduce anxiety and induce that beautifully rich feeling of COMPLETE ZEN.

I can only hope you're picking up what I'm throwing down here folks.

Guests were gifted a remedy for stress release, led through a truly powerful meditation and mantra practice by Kiera Dengate of the High Vibe Soul Tribe, and I shared...pudding. Stress busting pudding, that is. I learned from the very best and my go-to for all things adrenal healing: Dr. Salna Smith

But first, I needed to chat more about the HOW, rather than the WHAT, when it comes to food.


Yup, you guessed it: Mindful Eating.

Sharing 3 strategies for being more consciously aware of exactly how we're eating is how I introduced myself, and the topic of a more healthful relationship with ourselves & our diet. Here they are:

1. Meal prep In advance. It might sound counterintuitive, but meal planning can reduce the anxiety we feel around food throughout the week. Furthermore, devoting some time to it beforehand can prevent us from making poor choices due to decision fatigue later on - Emotional Eating Coach and Nutritionist Sara Best shares more on this here.

2. Let go of guilt. Never mind committing to whatever the fad diet of this week is - instead, I invite you to invest in being kinder to yourself. That usually means a much deeper sense of tuning in & listening. Once again, Sara describes perfectly.

3. Take 3 big deep "belly" breathes before + after you eat. This is a little "hack" I learned from Dr. Salna Smith to help shift your body into 'Rest & Digest' mode (rather than the frantic 'Fight or Flight' mode we're often in throughout our multitasking- & stress-filled lives).

Finally, what followed was the recipe for stress-free success. As inspired by none other than Salna herself (read more here).

I made a few tweaks to Salna's recipe to make use of the ingredients featured in Calii Love's beautifully crafted menu...

How do you de-stress and what's your favourite remedy (or recipe) for reducing anxiety and fuelling up for pure nourishment from the inside out?!