Keto: The Healthiest Diet Ever - But Don't Commit Yourself To It.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing David Avocado Wolfe at Wanderlust Tremblant as a Journalist for my team at Clear Life Magazine


I say that like I'm a perfectly rational individual who didn't almost cry as I ran in epic slow-motion form into his arms upon our initial meeting. 

Okay, so I'm a total fan. And I totally fangirled out. Moving on...

Now I'll be the first to admit that some of what David shares is a bit "out there" - he's not afraid to be progressive, frank, and downright controversial with his thoughts and opinions. *Which are simply thoughts and opinions might I add - he's never intending to give medical advice that you can later use to sue him with friends!*

I mean, we're talking about a dude who openly admits:

"We're used to today's medicine: 'Take 2 and call me in the morning'. Instead, I'm saying: 'take 5 hundred and email me in a month'".


David shared this (truthful) joke as he explained that sometimes taking 'natural supplements' requires you to dose up way beyond the recommended amount on the bottle. For instance, in the case of activated charcoal that he spoke highly of during his Detoxification workshop.

Anyways, I was ecstatic to pick his brain on some of my favourite and most pressing health & wellness topics. I also knew deep down that I might need to take some of his suggestions with a grain of salt (pink, Himalayan, "living" sea salt - of course). 

That's why I've got to admit: I was shocked at just how grounded and beautifully truthful the honest words of wisdom he went on to share with me when we met privately. It was about one of the greatest "diet" topics in my life at the moment: Keto.

Why is the Keto diet gaining so much attention these days? And why is it such an epic element of my current life?

Well, fasting and intermittent fasting (IF) is all the rage these days, for the multitude of benefits it provides. I've jumped on the bandwagon full-fledged - and I'll even be hosting a Fasting Retreat with Megan Ramos from the Intensive Dietary Management Clinic in California later this year.

Generally Keto diets are thought to be quite meat-heavy, but with a bit of creativeness consciousness, you can do it plant-based and even strictly vegan!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, it's a diet that's extremely high in fat and extremely low in carbohydrates. It's also low in protein - basically, it's fat above all. While the specific keto protocol is very intense and shouldn't be followed without medical supervision, a "keto-ish" diet is something many can (and often should) follow. In essence, it means cutting carbs and filling up on lots of veggies + healthy fats, as well as some quality proteins (particularily important if you're working out). 

As I got over the initial "hump" of worry that Keto = omnivore, and that keto = no fruit ever ever ever (neither of which is REALLY true), I started to get to know (& even enjoy) the diet more and more.

I also have a secret to share. I have been known to binge on fruit. I'm not talking about 2 peaches here people, I'm talking 5 smoothie bowls and a whole lot of nausea later. I myself struggle to ALWAYS make mindful choices with exactly what and how I eat. In fact, I started seeing Emotional Eating Coach, Sara Best. Sara has already begun to transform my life, and guess what? She put me on what is basically a "keto" diet.

Okay, getting back to David Wolfe.

The David Wolfe who loves fruit like Mangosteen and sugar-rich beets and NoniLand honey and oh yes, Sacred Chocolate

What the heck does he think of this "Keto diet" thang then?!

I just had to ask, and was admittedly nervous to hear his reply...


"Ketogenic diets are amazing diets and it’s an amazing thing to do to your body."

In fact, he added that the crew who work on his farm are all into ketogenic diets "hardcore" - they've taken it all the way. 

But then he let me in on an interesting perspective...

"What I see with them is that it’s an on-off thing; you’re keto for a while, then you go back to having some carbohydrates because, see the thing about the natural sugars, is that they're connected to joy."


David addresses that at the end of the day, natural sugars are indeed connected to one of the great gifts of life: ENJOYMENT.

"It’s like if you’re always working but never rewarding yourself - you’re not in a sustainable system. The ketogenic diet is great, as long as you can find rewards for yourself, and most of those rewards are going to be some kind of a sweet treat."

He explains that as long as it’s not straight simple sugar, but instead if its a piece of fruit or a chocolate with maple sugars (like his deliciously scrumptious Sacred Chocolate), then it's really nothing to worry about.

"Think about it how you train a dolphin or a dog - you have to have a reward system. It’s also true with a human. If you don’t have a reward for the work, it’s not worth it."

See, a lot of people who go on the keto diet don’t reward themselves, like, ever. Needless to say, they get fanatically intense and then flip all the way out to the next extreme.

Not good. "Fanatically intense" is generally never a good thing. *Except when it comes to chaga and reishi - then it's perfectly admirable*

So there you have it, David Wolfe is not only my nutritional therapist, but he's also very suited to be my spiritual Guru. As one of those frantic, emotional, and not always consciously kind dieters - at least when it comes to myself. I needed to hear those words from him, likely more than he could have possibly known.

Thanks David.

Now I'd love to hear from YOU! Have you tried reducing your sugar and upping your fat with positive results? It can be a transformational diet and may be worth a try...assuming you also add in those (sometimes sweet) moments of bliss.